Saturday, December 17, 2016

I haven't been here forever!
Let's see....
Work is busier than ever. We had a fire in Jan. and were closed almost 2 months. We had the place completely remodeled since we were closed anyway. Everything was gutted due to water and smoke damage, It looked like ground zero. We kept all of our employees- just paid them to demo and clean and paint and help the roofers and whatever else needed to be done. They had evenings and weekends off so it worked out well for them. We were there every day overseeing, working alongside them or taking phone calls. I picked out all of the new furnishings- carpet, booth colors, paint, counter tops, flooring, etc .... and we rarely took a break. I will never build a house!
Insurance companies can be huge assholes, did you know that?

Moving on...
Our oldest moved out (for good) (we think) a year ago and we pray he is making good choices and taking care of himself. We don't really talk much but my sources say he is out East and doing fine.
The baby, who turned 21 in June, is living in Berlin, Germany. He fell in love with a foreign exchange student from Berlin who had come back to visit her host family and the rest is history. He was accepted into language school (after teaching himself German before he left) and after mastering that has been accepted to University. He lives with her family, who adore him, and is living off of the savings he amassed before leaving. We think she is the sweetest girl with a great head on her shoulders. She stayed with us this past summer for a few months to experience a real American 4th of July before taking our kiddo far away. We had such a hard time with his move but he is doing what he loves and is so happy. I got a text from him today from Poland. They were visiting for a couple days and he sent pictures of a cemetery from the 1400's. Her grandparents live in Italy but if Switzerland gets too much snow, they may not make it to see her extended family. He is great about calling or texting several times a week. I sent 2 huge boxes of Christmas gifts to him and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive.

We are still working all the time. We make time for a date night every week plus a couple lunches together but I work days and he works nights so I have learned to spend a lot of time with myself. Still have the 4 crazy dogs and a house built for a big family with just the 2 of us here. 
I can still never seem to get the house in order although we have done a few more things like new living room furniture, new appliances and a smaller table for the kitchen. We also had the front entry painted after how many years of gold/mustard whatever it was. I went with SW Mindful Gray and I love it!! Now I want to paint the kitchen cabinets, get new countertops and have all the dark wood trim painted. 

We are pretty much ready for Christmas. I did all of the planning, shopping and wrapping with help from a good friend but decided with no kids in the house, no tree or decor was happening. I am not sad about it. I burn my evergreen candle and that seems to be enough. My poor husband is having trouble with no kids here too and his Christmas spirit is similar to mine. Maybe next year....

We are planning a Christmas Eve visit to church with friends. We went with them last year and loved it. This year I am bound to cry. We are going to friends' to have spaghetti and meatballs and are having people over for chicken piccata for Christmas dinner. 

Not much else going on. How about you?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy Fall (and all that crap)

This post is very personal- read at your own risk.

  I have no more pictures from the Hawaii trip (yet) but I want to get back to writing because I have so much to say and I want to remember these days. Or maybe I don't.

  The last time I wrote (April?!) I was planning some de-cluttering and trying to get a big list out of the way and done by the end of the year. I have gone through all of my fall clothing and some of my winter so that part is done. I still need to go through all of my sweaters and boots. I got my kitchen and laundry room cabinets cleaned and new shelf paper down. I hope to have the cabinets painted next year. I hung new curtains in the kitchen and living room. I am slowly cleaning the basement and preparing it for guests while getting stuff together for a garage sale.

  One of the things on my list was a visit to the doctor. Because I have not had a yearly female (we like to say hoo ha) appt. for 8 years (I know, my husband has lectured me for years) but my doctor moved away and I didn't like her replacement and I live in a small town and we don't have a female gynecologist and blah blah blah. 
  The past 2 years, I have had terrible periods (sorry if this is offensive, you can stop here) which have only gotten worse. My cramps and back hurt so bad I would be in bed all day, which is hard to do if you have a job. Advil and a heating pad were (still are) my best friend and I actually sleep with a heating pad under my lower back every night. My back and hips and legs and also my lower pelvis still ache after my period is over and I have other side effects like having to pee all the time and feeling really full after eating just a small amount sometimes. 
I am an expert google doctor and WebMD is the most used app on my phone but I was pretty sure I had some sort of terminal illness so I didn't look it up and instead, got my ass to the doctor. (Well, that and my husband said he would not work one more day for me until I made and appt.) I called my regular doctor who recommended an OB/GYN (male) with 2 female nurse practitioners so I would never have to see the male doctor unless I needed surgery. 

  I had my appointment which turned into several appointments throughout September. I had a pap test, blood tests for everything from HIV and STD's to thyroid and blood sugar. I had a mammogram. All normal. After explaining the pain and bleeding issues to the nurse practitioner (whom I adore!) an ultrasound was ordered. An internal and external ultrasound. Good times. Then I waited. And worried.

  Thursday was my appointment. 

  I love my doctor. He is actually a customer of ours and took his time explaining what was going on with me and all of my options, costs and time lost from work. He knows we have a business and the work I do. He answered all of our (yes, my husband was there) questions and eased my mind. 
He said I have a golf ball sized myoma, or fibroid tumor, in my uterus which is most likely compressing a bundle of nerves in my back. I also have adenomyosis. My uterus is also enlarged (from adenomyosis, childbirth, age or other reasons) which causes the full feeling and pain as well.
There are a number of things you can do but fibroids can grow back and I am finished having children and I don't want to this all over again so I opted for a hysterectomy. I will not go into early menopause since they plan to leave my ovaries (unless they get in there and find more problems) and my doctor has done thousands of these surgeries. His only concern is that I am a bleeding risk because of the enlarged uterus but he has to inform you of all the risks. 

I booked the surgery for Nov. 18. The day after my son's girlfriend (story for another day) gets here from Germany to spend a month with us. A  week before Thanksgiving (which I host).
I had to have it by the end of the year for insurance purposes, work reasons (an employee of ours has the same problem and needs to take time off too plus we are losing a manager and will need to hire one) and honestly, I am sick of being in near constant pain. I will be unable to work for at least a month and possibly up to 8 weeks depending on how I recover and how bad it is when they get in there. I have never had surgery, never been put under. I will have to rely on people to clean my house, take care of me, take care of the dogs and deal with all of the holiday crap. 

I am making lists of all the things I need to do by then. Get the basement ready for guests, have a garage sale, clean the garage, shop for Thanksgiving and get my Halloween decor down and fall decor out. I ordered some new jammies and lounge clothes so when people are here, I won't have to wear my ratty house clothes. I am investing in some dry shampoo because I hate dirty hair. I ordered new sheets and a new comforter because that was on my list for winter and now seems like a good time. I am picking up books to read and I will never run out of Netflix shows and dvd's. And I am working on the house room by room to organize it so that it can be easily cleaned. I plan to follow doctors orders because I  need to heal fast and get back to my life.

And I hope to get back to blogging. 
Maybe I will have some good stories for you. And maybe I can get the rest of my Hawaii pictures posted.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Maui cont.......

Trying to split these pictures into days is difficult but I will try to post in some sort of order.

Morning two brought sun and blue skies

 We walked around and took some photos of the gorgeous resort.

We had a beach/pool day. The beach was crowded but we really didn't care. Soaked up lots of sun and watched people. (And although I put sunscreen on pretty often, it wasn't enough and I got pretty burned.)

I was trying to talk over the noisy waves, that is sand on my arm

In the winter months, the ocean is pretty rough at this resort (our other hotel was worse) but we did find calm beaches elsewhere. I swam in the ocean very little because the waves would knock me down and salt and sand would get in my eyes.

We found great chairs (all the tents and cabanas are very expensive and taken pretty early in the day) and parked right in front of the hot tub and pool. The water was really cold but I always got in the hot tub after. And I was right in the path of the nice server who brought me a vodka tonic every half hour.

For dinner, we had reservations (for our Maui anniversary dinner) at the restaurant on property we had been dying to try but they were extremely busy and we got ignored and forgotten so we left (with me in tears- R had really wanted to have a anniversary dinner on each island and had put a lot of thought into it). The front desk clerk (who was mortified and apologized many times) recommended Duo, a restaurant next door at The Four Seasons. It definitely made up for the earlier part of the evening.

R took these before we left for dinner.

Bathroom selfie to fix my makeup. I picked up my tunic in Paia, my sandals, purse and jeans were all bought for the trip.

Our server was amazing. Probably one of the best we have ever had. She gave us all kinds of ideas on where to eat, the best beaches and where the locals liked to go. She was born in Lanai and moved to Maui for work. 

Everyone got cotton candy for dessert, green apple

The next morning we headed out early to take her recommendation for breakfast. 

 This was the Maui version of our restaurant. We stood in line for quite awhile to order, then found a table outside. There were baby chicks everywhere. It is crazy how many chickens run free in Hawaii. Maui was nothing compared to Kauai.

We shared this huge cinnamon roll

R's crab omelette
Our plan was to stop at as many beaches as we could and maybe take the Road to Hana. (I changed clothes first)

We were just driving along on the highway and then the scenery turns from this:

to this:

There were several lookout areas on the Road to Hana. This, I think, is Keanae Park.  This was my favorite because the ocean was unbelievable. The sunshine (after months of gloom and cold) combined with the shades of blue and the dark lava rocks was just surreal. 
This guy was doing some wood carvings in one of these lookout areas. We ended up buying one for good luck and prosperity (each one had a different meaning)
There were several people with tables out selling locally made jewelry. I really wanted one of the necklaces but it was very pricey and she wouldn't go down much on it. 

The extremely narrow two lane road had many curves and on one side, part of the time, was a cliff dropping to the ocean. I sometimes get a little carsick and was able to control it with the top down on the Jeep and fresh air coming in. I am not a fan of heights though so on the way back, I tried not to look down. This is just a small portion of the photos from the day. We only went about halfway because it started to get dark, there was no phone service and we didn't know the roads well enough to try to maneuver them in the dark.

We passed bamboo forests, taro plants, waterfalls, flower and fruit stands and many hiking trails. We missed the black sand beach and Mama's Fish House (I was not ready to eat yet!)

Looks like one lane. In truth it was two, but so narrow there was no room for error.

Somewhere down there is the Coral Miracle Church. There is a very interesting story behind it. Read it here

We made it back with plenty of time for showers and dinner at Monkey Pod (thanks for the recommendation Carrie!) where we had truffle fries, lobster pizza and the best mai tai I have ever had.

He was carrying my purse because my sunburn was starting to become very painful, should have brought my clutch.
When we got back to the room, there was a gift from the front desk manager with a letter of apology for our dinner conundrum the previous night.

Are you tired of pictures yet? If so, you might want to go because there are so many more......

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