Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ha and also haha

Funny things (to me) that have happened recently.
A cute, elderly lady handed me a Carefree panty liner instead of a $20 at work yesterday. She then proceeded to laugh till she almost peed her pants telling me she had no idea why she still has one of those. And that she does that all the time. Methinks she could use it to catch laugh-induced-pee-dribbles.

I fall over almost every time I try to take off skinny jeans. Sometimes I sit on the bed or the edge of the tub but mostly, I just try to take them off while standing and fall over. Then I laugh so hard I need a Carefree.

I sing stupid songs to the dogs. Sometimes I am on the back deck singing away and notice my neighbor out by his pool or the other neighbor watering his garden. The neighbors aren't super close but I sing super loud.

If you say something in a singsong voice, it doesn't sound as bitchy. Like, "don't stop, the sweeping" to the tune of Journey when my server has missed a few spots while sweeping the lobby. My husband thinks a simple "your floors still look bad" works.

I was carrying a baby around (at work) while her parents ate breakfast and a customer asked me if she was my grandchild. Whatever.

When people say "you haven't had MY egg salad" "scrambled egg casserole" etc...... when I tell them I hate eggs. Eggs are still eggs no matter what the crap you do with them. I still hate them.

Aaaand done.

Friday Fashion

(I have been trying to finish this post for the last 2 weeks months)I will add my latest thoughts in another color.

I haven't done any Friday Fashion posts in a while so let me jump back in.
Most of these items are things I bought for our trip next Feb. but they will be used before and after as well. If I remember.

These shoes. I tried on 17 pairs of shoes at Dillards one day and these were the winners. I usually wear an 11 and they don't stock everything in size 11. These were the winners by far. The footbed is comfortable and I have worn them 3 times with not a single pain or blister.
My goal was to find a neutral pair to take to Hawaii and these from Gianni Bini were a win! 
I have worn them a lot and they are still just as comfortable!

I found this on bigtime sale on Piperlime. (It is long gone but they have several maxi dresses on sale that are adorable)  
I took a chance and when I got it, I adored it right away. The stripes are aqua and it is a flattering fit. I washed it and packed in my Hawaii box. I have been meaning to wear it and even washed it already but I keep forgetting.

 I found this dress at a store in town. Clearly the dressing room mirror is dirty (and this pic is a few months old) I loved this when I got it but after finding lots of nice dresses, this one is a little too Real Housewives. The colors are good on me though so I will bring it.

If you have read my blog for more than a year, you know that every year I search for the perfect pair of wedges. I am particular too. I want them to be comfortable for shopping  long walks, not too tall, they can't make me wobble or turn my ankle, and the color has to go with everything. I would also like to be able to wear them with dresses or jeans. The second these were zipped, I looked to the ceiling and smiled big. The salesgirl just knew (the universal look for THESE SHOES ARE THE ONES) They were a size 10 which was a tad too short and they were a tan canvas so she searched online and found lots of colors in size 11. I got the khaki leather and when I finally got them in the mail 2 weeks later, I bought them a promise ring. Yeah, they were more than $100. I got the side eye from Mr. Funny but they were worth it. (I just got the black too- on major sale)

I found these 2 pair during a big TB sale. I wore the flip flops a few times but the blue sandals, although very comfy, are an odd blue. I have to get over the need to match. I will have them forever though.

I tried on several dresses on this day and this was my (and my husbands) very favorite. You just cannot go wrong with Vince Camuto (and on sale!) I will be wearing this to our anniversary dinner in the beach cabana. I still adore this dress. I will wear it with the Kors black wedges for dinner. I need to do some serious working out, especially my arms.

 Here we are a couple weeks ago on our way to Sam's for date night. We are wild. It is probably 2 months ago at this point, my hair looks good there and now it looks like sh$t. Bangs growing out are the devil.

I ventured into the mall to look for swimwear on sale. After trying on about 40 (no lie) suits, I picked out two 1 pieces and another 2 piece plus 3 coverups. I now have a suit for each day and plenty of coverups.

That is all. I wish I had something interesting to blog about but alas, I sleep, work, nap, clean things, yell at people I live with to pick up after themselves, rinse and repeat.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Summer phone dump (warning)

Working on some serious declutter and organization. I gave away some of my least worn jewelry and went through my summer clothing. I will do it again at the end of summer. I hang my necklaces on these hooks in my closet. I need another hook board but Lowe's no longer has them like this one. The left side holds smaller necklaces (again, need another hook board)

I hang my earrings on these cute mugs from Anthropologie (I need one more) and my bracelets go in Anthro bowls or on the jewelry tree. I picked up this tray but I ended up losing space so i moved to a different shelf. The small ceramic egg crate is also Anthro and holds my small earrings according to color. The trays in the drawer hold things that won't hang on the cups or seldom worn and valuable jewelry.

Sleeveless and tanks go on the left. Jeans on the bottom left. My flats are on the top shelf of both sides. I have too many shoes so I store them in several closets in the house.

These are short sleeves. I keep half and long sleeved shirts in another closet.

The princess is now 3 months. I get almost daily photos of her.

And we took a few days off to go meet her.

I gave her a bath in the sink. I think she was a bit relaxed.

After painting the boys' bath and a swatch of the same paint in the master bath, I realized I hate the color I chose (SW Whole Wheat) which was pretty in natural light but ended up too yellow in the bathrooms. I strayed from taupe and went with a cool hue. Gray Screen. It looks blue in some light and green in other but it is a grey. Goes perfect with the tile backsplash and flooring. I plan to get that done this fall.

4th of July. We went to dinner at the lake with friends.

 I dressed appropriately for work the week of the 4th as well.

One of our employees opened a snow cone stand for the summer. On this day, I picked up some for a friend and I to cool off. Mine is green apple.

I picked up a few bright coral accents for the living room at HomeGoods.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale was a big hit. I gave myself a budget and mostly stuck to it. I didn't get a leather jacket like I wanted to (I have to try them on) but I got some great deals on shoes, jewelry, clothing and this crossbody bag (I have wanted it for a year!)

Got some workout clothes too.

And some fall booties.

We had a very stressful July. The big one moved back home to deal with his issues and I had some really bad days. This was one of them and my friend surprised me at work with a treat.

I saw this top on an actress in one of my magazines (Redbook?) and found it on sale at Loft. It was paired with a flowered kimono which I found online on sale as well. I ended up getting this flowy top in white and this blush pink color. I think it was my favorite shirt of the summer so far, my husband's too! I wore it with skinny ankle length jeans and sandals from the Nordi sale.

We continue to have our weekly date nights. On this one, I tried a Beachside pineapple mojito (so good)

I wore this dress with leggings. Not a dress person but this one is so comfortable. I like it with jeans as well.

Tried something new: blackberry mojito green tea lemonade

National Lipstick day: I wore Aveda's Peruvian Lily

 Some of the cousins came to visit. My husband taught them how to shoot.

 I painted my front door pink.

 Got some color put in my hair.

and made banana pudding.

I really haven't been in much of a blogging mood but I like to look back on my "diary" to see what we were up to. This past week was very busy and school starts here this week so we are winding down a busy summer. 
It has been a short one with unseasonably cooler weather and little rain. 
We haven't really done much out of our normal routine so the pictures speak for themselves.

What have you all been up to?

Saturday, June 14, 2014


I told one of the girls at work that Friday the 13th PLUS a full moon would probably be a calm day since all the others seem to be crazy anymore.
Oh, I was wrong.

I love that we are having another great year at work. We are surpassing our predicted numbers and gaining new customers all the time but boy am I tired all the time. Not a bad problem to have but I wish I could sleep better.

We actually took all 4 dogs for a walk last night. It had rained all day (all week...for the past 2 weeks) and it was cool and misty. The dogs loved it and I had huge hair! Then we took my hair out for a late (9:00) dinner and went to bed early with a good book. Still slept like crap.
I do plan for us to spend more time enjoying our wonderful neighborhood, walking the dogs and possibly riding our bikes again. They are super dusty and probably have flat tires.

I bought another bathing suit. Victoria's Secret is having a sale and I picked one that would make me look just like the model  #bigfatliar but I can always send it back if it only covers half my arse.

I ordered these yesterday
Converse Shoreline sneaker
I love me some Converse and these are so comfy (I have them in grey)

I am thinking about growing my bangs out. They never hang right and I have a center part cowlick. Who cares right?

Speaking of hair, 5 seconds after I got it cut back in November, I regretted it. Now it is longer again and slap me if I cut it again. So much easier to take care of it when it is longer.

The rest of the weekend will be crazy so it's bedtime.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hello again

I think I have finally gotten near the end of my wants/needs for our trip. You know the one, in 8 months. I mentioned that I was collecting clothing and such and stockpiling it so when the weather gets nasty (like it was this year) and there is nary a summery tunic or maxi dress in any store, I will have something to pack.

In the summer, I normally wear cuffed jeans, skinny jeans, sandals, Converse or flats and tees or nice tanks and cute tunics. I will throw on a cute dress for date night but I am always cold in restaurants so I keep a sweater in the car at all times. And I wear scarves all year long. I will soon be making my packing list and trying on outfits (a little bit excited over here) so I don't have to check 4 suitcases and make my husband get the crazy eyes. I want it to be simple. I don't want to do what I normally do and bring 87 shirts and 41 pair of shoes and only need a fraction of it. 
I got a few maxi dresses, some white jeans, a fedora, a beach hat, a bikini, some sandals/flip flops/wedges, a few swimsuit coverups, a short dress, some tanks and tees and a few tunics. 
I dislike shorts. I wear them around the yard and house when it is blazing hot but rarely ever in public.

I bought some shorts. I got a couple pair from J Crew, a pair from Nordstrom and yesterday I cruised in to Old Navy. I hadn't been in there for a very long time but I had some time to kill while my darling was Best Buying so I grabbed a few pair of my normal size and tried them on. Let me preface this by saying that I have so far, only purchased shorts in a smaller size than I wear. The insanity behind this is to force myself to lose weight and get in shape for my trip. If I don't, I cannot wear the bright blue 4 inch inseam shorts or the white cuffed chino pants or a few of the dresses. Everything is very tight and a little bit scary on me. I have lost some weight but the working out is at a standstill (because it sucks) and my main goal is to tone up after I lose weight so shorts don't look stupid on me. Ditto for the bathing suits.

I tried on the 5 inch shorts. I ended up really liking the fit and comfort (still hate my legs in them) but my husband really liked them too. He likes everything I wear but I did ask his opinion anyway.
I ended up with these:

I bought them in a much smaller size (they fit, just really tight) and plan to wear them for casual days and with my swimsuit coverups to the beach. 

I also picked up this to wear as a top/coverup with the white shorts

And this to throw on when it is chilly. It is super soft and lightweight.

I am really pleased with how little I spent and the quality of the clothing. I didn't look at anything else but I may go back when the summer stuff goes on sale to get a few more pair.
Now I need to keep eating well, drinking water (I am doing better) and get my butt to the basement to exercise.
Fingers crossed.

I also got 3 other coverups (one that I bought a few months ago is sold out, so no photo) from J Crew and J Crew Factory (all online)

This one I actually wore as a tunic to work with skinny jeans and loved it!

Let's see. 
Oh, we finally got the stair and hall runners

 Molly approves

This little man turned 19 on June 4th (his friend was cooperative in the smiling dept). We took them to dinner.

And I got lots more pictures of princess perfect pants!

And we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the day we met. May 30, 1989.  I made chicken enchiladas.

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Awards I Have Received:
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