Friday, April 10, 2015

Maui- Days 1 & 2

Hawaii- Maui

Early morning flight

short flight to Phoenix

Finally! (the flight from Phoenix was delayed because of too much fuel/weight)
Picking up the Jeep, weather is changing fast
Driving to the hotel (80 degrees and rain is better than the weather we were used to)
Wailea is a beautiful area
We stayed at the Grand Wailea resort

Open air lobby, see the rain?

Walking to our room

Our view from the balcony

The bathroom

It cleared up in time for dinner

One of many elevator selfies

Bistro Molokini - fish tacos and pizza

Banana split boat for dessert- chocolate-dipped locally grown bananas, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Maui pineapple sauce, chocolate sauce and macadamia nuts with whipped cream served in a pineapple boat

Day 2

Got up early to walk on the beach

Our resort was right on the beach.

The early morning was cloudy and we had some rain but that didn't matter to us. You cannot really be mad in Hawaii.

coffee on the balcony


The lobby was so beautiful (and it was still raining)

We did some shopping and exploring at the resort

For the record- I didn't buy anything (here)

Then we got the Jeep and headed to Paia.

I want these palms in MY yard!!

Lunch at Milagro's (and day drinking), the best Mexican food!!!

Traffic in Maui is a bit crazy. The highway was very busy but traffic speed was decent. Parking in Paia was difficult so we parked and walked everywhere.

I shopped a bit- this came home with me

Not much traffic later in the day

Dinner on the 2nd night was Jack in the Box. I had taken a nap (in a tank top and shorts) late in the day and as I slept, I kept itching. First my arms and then my legs and then my head and face. R said I kicked him several times (he was watching a movie while I snoozed) and finally, the itching got so bad I jumped up out of bed and started ripping the sheets off the bed. R thought I had lost my mind. Under the sheets, I found the culprit A FEATHER DUVET! and feather pillows as well. I yelled "feathers!!" (I had a similar problem in Eureka Springs years ago which involved my eyes swelling shut and not being able to breathe) It hadn't bothered me the first night because it was raining and chilly and I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long pj pants plus socks. The feathers had too many layers between us but this time, it was bad. I felt like I was itching to my soul so I took a hot bath, a Benadryl and R called housekeeping to remake the bed. They were very nice about it. We had missed dinner and my hair was crazy after my scrubdown so we hit up the only place that was open (the shake was good, the rest was cold and terrible)

Next up: Days 3 and 4 which involve sunshine and beaches- oh my!

The past 4 months....

Jumping right back in .......

Well this week has definitely been better than last. The past few months have been a little crazy, actually since we got home from Hawaii (I will eventually recap that trip but the pictures are all on my Surface and I need to put them on here and organize them since there are thousands!)

We celebrated our 20th anniversary with a little trip. Here we are in our beach cabana on the day after our anniversary. (will explain later)

And here we are the morning of February 14th. We were flying from Maui to Kauai on this day.

We spent our actual anniversary here:

 The Maui airport. See the trees? Yeah, it was sunny all day and as we were driving to the airport the wind picked up and you can see......

(dramatic reenactment)

 We weren't going anywhere....

I  took a Xanax, had a double vodka tonic, and settled down in a muggy, crowded airport full of pissed off people. Here is my take on this: I was with the guy I love on our anniversary, there was nothing we could do about the weather and the delayed flights, it was still 80 degrees, and we were in HAWAII. (Later we found out that there was no power at the hotel we were flying into but that is a story for another day)

Anyway. Lately:

This guy had a birthday

I got a much needed pedicure
(and some cute sandals)

I made it to Tulsa to see the babies. 
Louis and Greta.

And then a couple weeks later (and 2 weeks early)

Annabelle Grace made it clear she was done with the womb gig.

So now all 3 of my sisters have had a baby within a year. (none are with their actual mothers in this pic)

 So. The boys are both back at home. The big one is working at Starbucks and we are helping him work through some issues. The little one (who is 6' 8" now) decided engineering was not what he wanted to do so he left school and is working full-time for us. For now, this works for us.
I am still trying to declutter and organize on top of spring cleaning, working, getting the yard, garage, dogs and cars cleaned.
Between the doctor, dentist, therapist and pharmacist, and grocery store, we have been busy and broke.

Next up:


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Awards I Have Received:
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Premios Dardo (Top Dart)
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