Thursday, January 22, 2015


Hey! It's a new year.
This year, so far, my goal has been to stay on top of chores and errands, stop procrastinating so much and clear out clutter and rarely used items. I took 6 bags of shoes and clothes to a local consignment store and even sold a few pairs of Uggs. I went through my hair and makeup products and my vast bath/lotion collection. Even after narrowing it all down, I still want to make a sweep through it in a couple months to see if I can make another dent. I will never be the girl with 2 blushes and 3 lipglosses but do I need 97 taupe eyeshadows?? NO! (I love them all)

After counting the days on Instagram (if you follow me, forgive me for the endless beach photos, but we rarely take vacations) we are down to 18 days before Hawaii. We have all of clothes we need, they have been washed and hung in the guestroom, new luggage, cute new luggage tags (mine is a llama) and slowly I have collected all of the travel things we will need. A tiny flat iron, mini clothing steamer and baby hairdryer (he saw them on tv and insisted I needed them) will save room in our bags for important things (like shoes) My husband has at least 4 pair to bring (and he feels like that is too many). We picked up our travel papers last Friday and now all I need to do is make lists, pack and make myself sick worrying about the flight. I hatehatehate flying. The tight seating, the freezing air blowing on me, being in a small metal tube in the sky for 9ish hours. So much anxiety. I have a new ipad with lots of movies and shows on it, some new books, a new fleece jacket and compression pants (my ankles always swell) and new Uggs. I have music and magazines and my cute husband to talk to where he cannot get busy and have to get up. I really don't want to have to take Xanax and go to sleep like last time but that is a lot of time to be awake and thinking about all the ways I could die in the air. We shall see.

I was making a list of makeup and beauty products to bring on our trip and decided to write a post on my very favorites. Since this post ended up being longer than I wanted, I will work on the next one and get it up by Monday. I cannot promise that I will blog much this year. With the kids gone and work being busy, there isn't a lot to write about. We had a quiet Thanksgiving (only one child could come, the other was working) and a even quieter Christmas, although very nice, and are off to another good year. I am going to stay as positive as possible but as always, there are issues with kids and work and everything in between. 

We had 2 new babies join the family last year, Greta was born in May and Louis in November. Another baby girl is due in April and I get lots of texts and photos to keep me up to date with them. 

I turned 45 last month, got a new wedding band and engagement ring as an upgrade for our 20th anniversary.  I got 4 inches cut off my hair, a nice bob, did not lose any of the weight I planned to and became a little obsessed with trying to make my skin look the best it can. 

I hope most of you are still out there somewhere and doing well!

Monday, September 22, 2014

We finally got some rain. And some leaks. Unrelated to each other.

It has taken weeks to finish this post.......

How is it already September? The summer flew by but winter will crawl, especially because it is supposed to be a record cold winter.

I am actually ready for some change because we have had a hot and very dry summer and we have done nothing but work, do stuff around the house and make weekly trips to Sam's, the restaurant supply and weekly date night. Every week is essentially the same. I would love to get away for a couple nights this fall....

Back when it was full-on summer, I picked up some fall items to look forward to. A couple cute sweaters, some booties and even a quilted vest (I adore vests- I have several and I wear them all every year. Most of them I have had for years) I wanted this one last year so bad! I kept watching to see when JCrew would mark it down and then they did and I missed out on my size. This time around, I grabbed it fast (at full price- stupid) and then a couple weeks later it was on sale. I still love it. 

And I love these sneaks from the nordstrom sale. 

On the home front: the big one is back home again. He has stopped drinking (on his own) and goes to therapy weekly. I am still trying to get him to enroll in some college classes.
The little one is back at school for his sophomore year. This year they have an apartment with a kitchen and living area with 4 individual bedrooms that lock when you close the door. The first night, he locked himself out and had to sleep on the sofa. It was a pretty inexpensive year this time because we bought a ton of school supplies, tv, computer, fridge and microwave last year along with decor and bedding. I had to buy different sized bedding this year and a few dishes, toiletries and pans (he loves to cook) but he worked all summer and bought his own clothing and shoes. I am hoping his winter coat still fits after all the time it took me to find one he liked with long enough sleeves last year.

Got my hair done. Decided that growing out my bangs was a stupid idea. The rest is growing fast so I had her take a bit off. 

The best thing about fall is Halloween. I cleaned them out at HomeGoods.

My sister and her husband and the baby surprised us last Friday evening with a short visit. I had to work a lot but we went to dinner, did some fall baby shopping, had some Starbucks, and I got to spend some quality time smooching on Greta.

We are planning some changes at work. We have been so busy this summer and have been slowly making a list of what we want to be done. We are remodeling the bathrooms, having some work done to the exterior of the building, some painting done inside and a few more things. We are really excited for what is to come.

I still have quite a few projects around the house that have been put on hold with our busy season. The master bath and boys' bath needs to be painted and we need to get new light fixtures and hardware. I want a new bathroom sink for the master. We want to have our kitchen cabinets painted (and I want new counter tops) and some finish work done to the baseboards and lower cabinets. I also want the front entry painted. It has been the same color since we moved in (a gold yellow) and I haven't been able to paint it since the foyer is 2 stories high and I don't do tall ladders. 

I am on the hunt for luggage. If you have any suggestions on good places to get some, let me know. Is the hard cover luggage worth the extra weight?

I am addicted to The Killing on Netflix. I watch an episode a day as a treat when I get my chores done.

We discovered a huge spot on our dining room ceiling where the boys' bathroom toilet has apparently been leaking. I had a plastic tub full of decorations (Valentine's Day because I decorated for spring and got busy and never put them in the basement) under the spot (freaky coincidence) and the lid had a rim around it full of water so my wood flooring was spared a single drop. It looks pretty bad but Mr. F thinks it is just the toilet and not the rest of the upper floor plumbing and the boys' bath floor (new tile) is fine and ceiling will need to be cut away and replaced in that spot. None of it will be cheap between the plumbers and contractors but it could have been so much worse.

In addition, the kitchen faucet has been dripping a while now and since we are replacing the sink and faucet we ignored it. Now it runs and the hot water had to be shut off in the kitchen. #plumbingproblems #notfirstworldproblems

Got a couple fall polishes. This dark green is so pretty.

That's all for now. Got to spend our day off together shopping for bathroom counters, sinks, faucets and other plumbing stuff. I am so excited.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ha and also haha

Funny things (to me) that have happened recently.
A cute, elderly lady handed me a Carefree panty liner instead of a $20 at work yesterday. She then proceeded to laugh till she almost peed her pants telling me she had no idea why she still has one of those. And that she does that all the time. Methinks she could use it to catch laugh-induced-pee-dribbles.

I fall over almost every time I try to take off skinny jeans. Sometimes I sit on the bed or the edge of the tub but mostly, I just try to take them off while standing and fall over. Then I laugh so hard I need a Carefree.

I sing stupid songs to the dogs. Sometimes I am on the back deck singing away and notice my neighbor out by his pool or the other neighbor watering his garden. The neighbors aren't super close but I sing super loud.

If you say something in a singsong voice, it doesn't sound as bitchy. Like, "don't stop, the sweeping" to the tune of Journey when my server has missed a few spots while sweeping the lobby. My husband thinks a simple "your floors still look bad" works.

I was carrying a baby around (at work) while her parents ate breakfast and a customer asked me if she was my grandchild. Whatever.

When people say "you haven't had MY egg salad" "scrambled egg casserole" etc...... when I tell them I hate eggs. Eggs are still eggs no matter what the crap you do with them. I still hate them.

Aaaand done.

Friday Fashion

(I have been trying to finish this post for the last 2 weeks months)I will add my latest thoughts in another color.

I haven't done any Friday Fashion posts in a while so let me jump back in.
Most of these items are things I bought for our trip next Feb. but they will be used before and after as well. If I remember.

These shoes. I tried on 17 pairs of shoes at Dillards one day and these were the winners. I usually wear an 11 and they don't stock everything in size 11. These were the winners by far. The footbed is comfortable and I have worn them 3 times with not a single pain or blister.
My goal was to find a neutral pair to take to Hawaii and these from Gianni Bini were a win! 
I have worn them a lot and they are still just as comfortable!

I found this on bigtime sale on Piperlime. (It is long gone but they have several maxi dresses on sale that are adorable)  
I took a chance and when I got it, I adored it right away. The stripes are aqua and it is a flattering fit. I washed it and packed in my Hawaii box. I have been meaning to wear it and even washed it already but I keep forgetting.

 I found this dress at a store in town. Clearly the dressing room mirror is dirty (and this pic is a few months old) I loved this when I got it but after finding lots of nice dresses, this one is a little too Real Housewives. The colors are good on me though so I will bring it.

If you have read my blog for more than a year, you know that every year I search for the perfect pair of wedges. I am particular too. I want them to be comfortable for shopping  long walks, not too tall, they can't make me wobble or turn my ankle, and the color has to go with everything. I would also like to be able to wear them with dresses or jeans. The second these were zipped, I looked to the ceiling and smiled big. The salesgirl just knew (the universal look for THESE SHOES ARE THE ONES) They were a size 10 which was a tad too short and they were a tan canvas so she searched online and found lots of colors in size 11. I got the khaki leather and when I finally got them in the mail 2 weeks later, I bought them a promise ring. Yeah, they were more than $100. I got the side eye from Mr. Funny but they were worth it. (I just got the black too- on major sale)

I found these 2 pair during a big TB sale. I wore the flip flops a few times but the blue sandals, although very comfy, are an odd blue. I have to get over the need to match. I will have them forever though.

I tried on several dresses on this day and this was my (and my husbands) very favorite. You just cannot go wrong with Vince Camuto (and on sale!) I will be wearing this to our anniversary dinner in the beach cabana. I still adore this dress. I will wear it with the Kors black wedges for dinner. I need to do some serious working out, especially my arms.

 Here we are a couple weeks ago on our way to Sam's for date night. We are wild. It is probably 2 months ago at this point, my hair looks good there and now it looks like sh$t. Bangs growing out are the devil.

I ventured into the mall to look for swimwear on sale. After trying on about 40 (no lie) suits, I picked out two 1 pieces and another 2 piece plus 3 coverups. I now have a suit for each day and plenty of coverups.

That is all. I wish I had something interesting to blog about but alas, I sleep, work, nap, clean things, yell at people I live with to pick up after themselves, rinse and repeat.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Summer phone dump (warning)

Working on some serious declutter and organization. I gave away some of my least worn jewelry and went through my summer clothing. I will do it again at the end of summer. I hang my necklaces on these hooks in my closet. I need another hook board but Lowe's no longer has them like this one. The left side holds smaller necklaces (again, need another hook board)

I hang my earrings on these cute mugs from Anthropologie (I need one more) and my bracelets go in Anthro bowls or on the jewelry tree. I picked up this tray but I ended up losing space so i moved to a different shelf. The small ceramic egg crate is also Anthro and holds my small earrings according to color. The trays in the drawer hold things that won't hang on the cups or seldom worn and valuable jewelry.

Sleeveless and tanks go on the left. Jeans on the bottom left. My flats are on the top shelf of both sides. I have too many shoes so I store them in several closets in the house.

These are short sleeves. I keep half and long sleeved shirts in another closet.

The princess is now 3 months. I get almost daily photos of her.

And we took a few days off to go meet her.

I gave her a bath in the sink. I think she was a bit relaxed.

After painting the boys' bath and a swatch of the same paint in the master bath, I realized I hate the color I chose (SW Whole Wheat) which was pretty in natural light but ended up too yellow in the bathrooms. I strayed from taupe and went with a cool hue. Gray Screen. It looks blue in some light and green in other but it is a grey. Goes perfect with the tile backsplash and flooring. I plan to get that done this fall.

4th of July. We went to dinner at the lake with friends.

 I dressed appropriately for work the week of the 4th as well.

One of our employees opened a snow cone stand for the summer. On this day, I picked up some for a friend and I to cool off. Mine is green apple.

I picked up a few bright coral accents for the living room at HomeGoods.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale was a big hit. I gave myself a budget and mostly stuck to it. I didn't get a leather jacket like I wanted to (I have to try them on) but I got some great deals on shoes, jewelry, clothing and this crossbody bag (I have wanted it for a year!)

Got some workout clothes too.

And some fall booties.

We had a very stressful July. The big one moved back home to deal with his issues and I had some really bad days. This was one of them and my friend surprised me at work with a treat.

I saw this top on an actress in one of my magazines (Redbook?) and found it on sale at Loft. It was paired with a flowered kimono which I found online on sale as well. I ended up getting this flowy top in white and this blush pink color. I think it was my favorite shirt of the summer so far, my husband's too! I wore it with skinny ankle length jeans and sandals from the Nordi sale.

We continue to have our weekly date nights. On this one, I tried a Beachside pineapple mojito (so good)

I wore this dress with leggings. Not a dress person but this one is so comfortable. I like it with jeans as well.

Tried something new: blackberry mojito green tea lemonade

National Lipstick day: I wore Aveda's Peruvian Lily

 Some of the cousins came to visit. My husband taught them how to shoot.

 I painted my front door pink.

 Got some color put in my hair.

and made banana pudding.

I really haven't been in much of a blogging mood but I like to look back on my "diary" to see what we were up to. This past week was very busy and school starts here this week so we are winding down a busy summer. 
It has been a short one with unseasonably cooler weather and little rain. 
We haven't really done much out of our normal routine so the pictures speak for themselves.

What have you all been up to?

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