Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nobody cares but this was a good way to spend New Years Eve

100 "Funny" Facts

1. I was born blond. When I got pregnant at 20, it started growing in darker. This was devastating and now I am and will be blond forever.
2. I have a wierd obsession with death, cemeteries, and ghosts.
3. I love ghost stories and Ghost Hunters type shows. I have tons of books about ghosts and I have seen and felt the presence of ghosts, my husband does not agree with me at all.
4. There are many haunted places in my area and I am too scared to visit them, but I would with a group.
5. I hardly ever tell a story and finish it the same day I start it but I always catch up to it later. Only a few people appreciate this.
6. I am very detail oriented. If you give me boring basic facts, don't bother. I want names, colors, styles, etc....
7. I used to be a cat person.
8. Now I despise cats and adore dogs.
9. I make up silly songs about everything. When my MIL's dog got fixed I wrote the Neko Neuter Song sung to the tune of "Yesterday" by the Beatles. Someday I will share it.
10. I love to sleep, and although I can fall asleep anytime, anyplace, I wake up 20 times a night and wake up in the morning strangely awake and alert.
11. I blame my antidepressant.
12. I take one Advil pm every night to sleep and it knocks me out all night.
13. I have a small urn with my mother's ashes on the fireplace mantle in my bedroom right next to the bed, I kiss it and say "I Love You" every night.
14. I have 3 dogs which sleep on their beds on the floor next to MY side of the bed every single night. My husbands side is closest to the door, I think they are afraid of boogie men.
15. I gave birth once with no painkillers. Not on purpose. Was back to normal weight and fully active in 2 days.
16. The second time I had an epidural. Pain was non-existant, recovery was a bitch.
17. If my husband gave the ok, I would have another baby in a heartbeat. Not. Gonna. Happen.
18. I hate seeing babies in stores with no shoes, dirty faces, sticky hair with pj's on. For crying out loud, have some pride!
19. I can not stay awake at the movies. It has to be a helluva good show.
20. I like things to be my way. I am easy to get along with if this happens.
21. I will admit to being a bitch.
22. I hold grudges, I try not to but things linger.
23. I am a germophobe.
24. I take a shower or bath everyday, sometimes twice. I always wash my hair, I always put on makeup. Even if I don't go anywhere.
25. I am terrified of going to the dentist. Every year after I get my cleaning, I think "oh that was easy" but then the time rolls around again and I get stomach pains and hyperventilate.
26. I hate video games.
27. I was begged to play Guitar Hero once, I was the singer. Never been invited again.
28. I think I have a lovely singing voice.
29. I hate hearing my own speaking voice, it does not sound like I think I sound.
30. I have always wanted to have a sweet disposition.
31. This probably won't happen, but I will keep working on it.
32. I am deathly afraid of snakes. Can't even look at them through glass.
33. Same with worms and grasshoppers and preying mantis'.
34. I love to shop but I wear the same few things over and over.
35. I am a huge bargain hunter can find the best sales.
36. I love Coach bags. I have 6. I would love a Burberry.
37. I used to work in retail. I always try to refold shirts when I mess them up now.
38. I have been shopping at the Gap since I was 16. I am now 39.
39. Growing up we were poor and I always wanted to have great clothes and a beautiful home. I have those things and I still feel the same as I did then and still worry about money constantly.
40. I want a horse. An Arabian jumper.
41. I also want a housekeeper.
42. I am a Republican although politics confuse me.
43. I get the creeps when I look at Obama. I can't put my finger on it but it's true.
44. I never discuss religion or politics except with family. If someone asks my opinion or preference, I smile sweetly and tell them those words. They never push me.
45. My father was Catholic, mother was Lutheran, I was baptised both and married a Baptist. I do not like all the hellfire and damnation so I work on Sundays and speak privately to God.
46. My kids can pick up any instrument and play it within an hour.
47. I love New York City and I would live there in a heartbeat.
48. I hate flying and on the rare occasions that I do, I almost die during takeoff every time.
49. I would love to go to Europe but I would have to be heavily sedated to make the trip.
50. I love the ocean but am afraid that fish will touch me if I get in the water.
51. Manta rays creep me out.
52. I love lobster and crab legs.
53. I do not like people in my personal space. 3 feet is good. 4 is best.
54. I used to be terrified to drive on the interstate. Now it's a breeze but I am terrified for my son to drive on it.
55. I have dreams of being shot.
56. I once dreamed I was throwing up wet sand.
57. I hate throwing up and will avoid it at all costs. I threw up 6 months of my first pregnancy and when my mother passed away. My kids never throw up either because they are programmed not to. My husband does puke cleanup duty, I do poo.
58. I have passed out twice in my life. Once when I had strep and a high fever and once when my mother was fighting cancer. I hit the corner of an open bathroom drawer on the way down and took off a huge chunk of my side, and broke the drawer. I hope the scar never fades because it reminds me of how worried my mother was that I had passed out and it makes me think of her when I look at it.
59. I used to bite my nails, now they grow too fast and I clip them.
60. I love my hands.
61. I hate my ankles.
62. I never had a zit til I turned 35. I was appalled. I started moisturizing and my skin never looked better.
63. I always thought that everyones family was as wierd as mine. I was wrong and those other people missed out on some fun.
64. Everyone always has told me I need to write a book. I never will.
65. I hate the color yellow.
66. I love sitting in the sun.
67. I used to hate diet soda, now I drink Diet Coke all the time and regular tastes funny to me.
68. I think Dr. Pepper tastes like prune juice.
69. I can eat a jar of green and a jar of black olives with a fork while watching tv.
70. I absolutely despise eggs. I ate them as a kid but stopped when I was a teenager.
71. I own a restaurant that serves hundreds of eggs daily. It is so gross.
72. I have to have a fan blowing on me when I sleep. This causes discourse in my marriage so I have a mini fan on my nightstand that he bought me.
73. I can not pee if someone else is in the bathroom or waiting to use my stall.
74. I went to high school 4 years and never used the bathrooms there.
75. I was very mean to my siblings growing up and they have never let me forget it.
76. I will not eat beets or brussells sprouts. They might be good, I will never know.
77. I love blue cheese dressing, I hate french. I adore sushi of any kind.
78. I am a procrastinator.
79. I am not a morning person. If Icould wake up at 9 and get started with my day about 11, life would be perfect.
80. I do not like to spoon or snuggle when I am sleeping. Personal space.
81. I hate shaving my legs in the winter.
82. I love magazines. I get probably 25 per month and that is because I cut back. Not kidding.
83. Real Simple is my favorite but People and Us rock.
84. I do not like to cook. I know how and I love to eat but I want it put in front of me.
85. I never made a cake until 2 years ago. It was so good and I made cupcakes and lemon bars and cookies all day. I haven't since. My employees bake and bring it to work. I eat it.
86. I have never made a roast. Always wanted to but scared- too many choices.
87. I hate making decisions. I go back and forth and drive everyone nuts.
88. I wish my mom would come and talk to me like in Ghost, I miss her stories and I don't want to wait til heaven to hear them again. I have so much to tell her too.
89. I hate cold weather but I love coats and sweaters and boots. Lands End has the best winter stuff.
90. I got glasses 6 mos ago for a severe astigmatism. They are cute, Coach trifocals and I never wear them. I don't want to be dependent on them so I squint. This angers my husband.
91. I love to look at snow but I hate the slushy mess later.
92. I do not like clutter but my family does. I throw everything away. They do not.
93. I have gone to 2 concerts, Kiss and Duran Duran. They were equally good.
94. I took my son to see Rent off broadway, it was awesome.
95. I still listen to the same bands I did in high school. I hate hip hop and country.
96. I have had at least 14 cars since I have been with my husband. I get bored easily. I loved my Expedition and love my Cadillac even more.
97. I will not run unless something is chasing me. I don't get the attraction and my internal organs feel like they are coming loose when I do jog.
98. I do not like water on my face. Not in the shower or the pool.
99. I could not exist without lipbalm. It is the last thing I put on and the first thing in the morning. I'm not picky, but lip smackers Dr. Pepper gives color and the perfect moistness. I won't drink it though (see # 68) If my lipgloss wears off, I have at least 30 in my bag. Always one in every room in the house. One or 2 in car, always one in every coat pocket. It's not even funny how addicted I am.
100. I have never smoked pot. Ever. People are suprised by this. I have never done coke, meth, heroin or anything else. I took heavy painkillers when I had shingles. They made me loopy. I do like a drink or 3 now and again so I guess I have been in an altered state.


  1. well this is really good way to spend some stuff.

  2. This list is another reason why I started following you. It sounds like you are talking about me!


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