Sunday, January 18, 2009

Car Cage Match

Conversation in Mr. Funny's Jeep

Little One- "Dad's car is cooler, you can go 4 wheeling"
Me- "My car drives smoother"
Dad- "Mine has a soft and a hard removable top"
Me- "Mine has heated seats"
Little one- "Dad's has warm cloth seats"
Dad- "Mine has Sirius satellite with all your favorite stations"
Me- "Mine has a Bose radio which makes the crappy stations I have sound good"
Dad- "Mine is more fun"
Me- "Mine has built in GPS and DVD"
Dad- "The dogs can ride in mine"
Me- "Good for you, dog hair,dog odor and dog barf if you take the corners too fast"
Dad- "My doors come off and mine is a 2008"
Me- "Mine is a Cadillac"

I Win, Enough said

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