Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I will try not to bore you but..

Ok, blog friends.
I went to the grocery store. I said I would.
I also bought a $5 scarf at Walmart (per Brandi over at Brandi and Boys) because at Big Mama'a blog she made it sound so fun to play around with them. I got the blue which I will wear when we go out to sushi on Saturday with my wonderful Uggs and some cool jeans.
Cause I am stylish that way.
My boys don't think so, but they are so cool I could never compete. And they have more clothes than I ever dreamed of as a teenager. And it doesn't matter what they put on, they look good.
I have cute stuff and then I have clothes that are shapeless and comfy and only the UPS man and God has seen me in them. My dream is that every single thing I own is cute and makes me look great. Since I am not Charlize Theron, who is my girl crush and who has never looked bad in any picture (she was even decent in Monster)EVER, I will deal with the fact that I am just me.
Clothes don't make the person, I know so let's move on. I am shallow, ok, I said it.

I bought enough toilet paper and Kleenex at Sams, all 4 bathrooms are stocked to the hilt and I will sleep better. Does anyone else have weird obsessions with paper products? I know they continue to produce these items but we were always running out of tp as a kid (4 girls plus mom) so I guess that's where it comes from.

I get so excited when I see how many people visit my blog. Since I started off only entertaining myself, it is so flattering. Maybe some of my fans will sign up as followers...
I actually follow a lot more than I have on my page but haven't put them down yet. I love getting a little insight into other people's lives. People fascinate me.

My husband actually reads my blog. I will never say a bad word about him even if he doesn't read it cause he is my biggest fan and I have to sleep next to him which is a lot easier when he is not holding some rude blog comment over my head.

The chimney sweep came today, my fireplace is no longer threatening us with smoke inhalation. One of the loads of wood we bought was baaaddd! Fireplaces are very messy but we have not turned our heat on much at all because the fireplace heats the entire house. The previous owners only used the fireplace during the bad ice storm a few years ago and paid $300.00 a month to heat the house. Yowza!

I must go to bed now, morning comes early for the Funny Family (FIMM if you will) and not a one of us is a morning person.

Please go to Big Mama's blog and watch her scarf class, it is worth it for the deer head in the background.

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