Saturday, February 7, 2009

Are you a part of that certain generation?
* Your mom would buy a gallon of milk from the store and that gallon never ran dry.At first, your heart leapt to see the gallon come out of the paper bag from the store. Then, under the cover of nightfall, mom would gradually mix in reconstituted powdered milk into the store-bought gallon. YOU AREN’T FOOLING US, mom! Never-ending gallons do not exist, not even in Zion. Eventually, mom would break down and buy another gallon of milk (to start it all over again.)I mean, I guess it was better than the way they usually tried to get you to drink powdered milk: slightly warm, because the powder dissolves easier in warm water. The sickeningly sweet smell with just a hint of sour wafted out of the beige pitcher as the milk sloshed against the sides. Know what’s better than powdered milk? A glass of water and eating your cereal dry.
* Peanut butter that you had to stir. The great grease slick at the top of the jar that would make a thunk sound as you plunged in the spoon. The jars of Skippy at your friends' houses seemed so...glamorous.

Ok, I stole this somewhere. It describes my childhood. Add the no sugar in the house rule and you got it. Karo syrup for pancakes. No fast food. No sugar cereals. Lots of veggies and fresh fruit. Homecooked meals. At the table.
Although my mother was watching her money and trying to save on dental bills, she was actually healthy-eating before it was cool. I think there was wheat germ in there.
I longed for Frosted Flakes and Jif.
I buy both of those now.
I am not very healthy.
I need to do some work.
The powdered milk thing will never fly around here.
But I am working on the rest.

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  1. LOL you crack me up. I would be your fourth follower but I'm fighting a blogging addicition. I just vowed not to follow anymore blogs so....I need to wait at least 24 hours before falling off the wagon. You should join SITS. This is way too much funny to keep to yourself.


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