Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Foot in Mouth Disease

A few months ago at work, the man that checks our kitchen exhaust system and recharges our fire extinguishers dropped by for a service call.
He was in his early 20's and very handsome. (in an unassuming way)
In the town I live in, I see very few really good looking men. My husband is definitely the best looking. (I am not just saying this b/c he reads my blog and the previous statement will irritate him)
Long story short: he checks the exhaust system and all the other crap while a few of the girls and I ogle him and giggle like little girls.
He brings me an invoice to sign and I say to him, "how often do you come?"
One of the girls comes up behind me with a bus tub full of dirty dishes and not missing a beat whispers loudly: "that's kind of a personal question, isn't it?"
It takes a minute for her statement to sink in. Then it does. I stare at him. He quite possibly didn't hear her. He stares back at me. I start laughing, she starts laughing. Like loons.
He just stares at us. While we laugh like loons. I might have even snorted.

Now I did not mean to sexually harass the poor guy. I wanted to know when to expect his next visit. And this girl has some kick-ass timing and is fast on the draw. Needless to say he has never returned and the guy who "comes" now always kind of smirks at us.

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  1. Too, too funny! That sounds like something I would say ... and totally not "get it" until someone started laughing.


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