Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am now convinced that the the day I had 48 hits, it was a fluke. All those other countries and so many people, their computers must have crashed or something.
I blame the President.
Bush got blamed for everything; it is (still) a free country so I can blame who I want to. Pppttttt!
I digress.
I still only have 3 followers so even if all those peeps DID visit me, they were bored to the gourd and ran for their lives. To leave me with 7 per day.
Seven is a fine number indeed. It is the number of days it takes me to finish washing the laundry. And then I start all over so it is a non-stop trip to the fun place. And that doesn't count the folding and putting away. That is reserved for when you can no longer see the couch, luckily I have 2.
Why is it so hard for me to take each load out of the dryer and deal with it right then?
Why can't people grab their own stuff out of the pile and take it to their rooms?
Or just fold it and put it away for me?
I have washed 6 loads today and 2 yesterday. There were 25 pair of jeans to wash between the 4 of us. It is a wonder these people had anything to wear at all. But somehow they did.
I have a lot of jeans but I wear the same 3 pair constantly. So, that is roughly 7 pairs apiece for the boys.
That's fair. But there is an unreasonable amount of other crap too.
I hate laundry.

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  1. I totally think every once in a while someone feels sorry for me so they look at my blog 80 times in one day just to keep me off the nearest ledge :) I'm sure your hits are for real, I mean I'm here every day.


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