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I don't normally do interactive posts but I want to know if more than 8 people actually read my blog so this is for you lurkers.
I really want your input!
I want to know about your first kiss.
Not that silly peck on the lips in 3rd grade by the boy who let glue harden on his desk and then ate it.
A real kiss.
With tongues and spit and nose squishing.

Mine was with 3 boys and before you get all "Funny is a big fat slut" let me say I did actually kiss them one at a time so it was Steve K. (no way will I use his whole name, you will google him and ask him and he will say "who?" and I will be humiliated. Actually you don't know my name so you would say "hey remember that blond girl you kissed...........blah blah blah and he would say "which one?" cause he was a stud and he kissed other blonds I am quite sure and then again I would feel lower than my Corgis belly. (sorry Molly, you have put on a little winter weight)
Anyway, it was 7th or 8th grade. A very small school in a very small town. We were traveling to a music competition (yes, on the band bus) and I was sitting with my best friend Chrissy C. We had huge crushes on brothers James and Danny who played trombone and trumpet (the same instruments my sons play but whatev)
We were cool clarinet players and we were not really all that geeky so we hung out with the older boys and ignored the other band kids.
We were all at the back of the bus with our friend Julie who was kind of slutty but we lived vicariously through her.
Steve asked us if we would like to participate in a kissing contest with James, Danny and himself.
I would compare the feeling I had to a stroke but I haven't had one so I will just say, I couldn't catch my breath, swallow or blink.
Chrissy said "sure!" I said "no good can come out of this, we are kiss virgins" and she said "they don't know that!"
Fortunately I went first and I am glad I did because they kissed about 10 girls right after another and that is one surefire way to get mono.
I leaned over and he grabbed me and laid one on me. For a long time. And since I didn't think to breath through my nose, I breathed through my mouth and I guess I created suction. Because he said I kissed like a Hoover. (he said this to my friends later) He did say "don't suck on my tongue, just roll it around with yours" (I am dying inside writing this)
The next was James who didn't use nearly as much tongue and seemed happy when it was over.
And then Danny, who I had been madly in love with for 2 years. He smelled good, dressed well and worked at Walmart. He had a great car and all the girls wanted a piece of him. We had always been friends and he always spent a lot of time talking to my mom and I when we went to Walmart. We also hung out as a group and even though he always acted like he liked me, he told Chrissy all kinds of nice things about me including that I was beautiful but too young for him. Where do you go with that? Crazy, is where.
He likes me, thinks I am a great clarinet player, loves my cool shoes, thinks I look great in Luv It's (jeans) and says I smell great (Sweet Honesty by Avon) but I am 2 years younger.

So, here I was. Kissing one of my best friends and I almost passed out.
I was shaking so bad he had to tell me to calm down and take a deep breath.
And then he kissed me.
Just like the song.
And it was perfect and when we pulled away he looked at me strangely and said "Niiiice"
And that was the only time we ever kissed.

We always stayed friends and he dated a girl and I developed a small crush on his brother, James and we went to a dance and kissed on the dance floor til a teacher caught us and broke it up.
I went out with him for awhile and spent a lot of time with him and Chrissy and Julie and Danny and Steve and I told all of them that it had been my first kiss and they were amused by that. And Steve wrote something perverted in my yearbook about his dreams of me at night and other things I cannot say and I had to rip the page out of my yearbook so my mom wouldn't see it. And I went to James' house and still had a crush on Danny for awhile but he was always nice to me and that was it. So, I liked them both but never got too serious because we moved away(to a town 30 minutes away) when my parents got divorced. We broke up when I left and talked on the phone for a bit but just kind of drifted apart.

My 9th grade year I got a phone call from Chrissy that James' car had been hit by a drunk driver and he was crushed in the car and burned to death.
He had an enormous Catholic funeral and I sat at the back with Chrissy because I couldn't stop crying and I didn't want Danny to see me like that.
When we went up to give our condolences, Danny hugged me forever and whispered "he really did love you and I do too"
And I left.
And I never talked to him again.
I heard he got married and had some kids.
And Chrissy ran into him once at graduation and he told her he wished he wouldn't have turned me down but that his brother had always liked me from the start so he made excuses.
A good brother.

My husband is still the best kisser. He waited forever to kiss me but when he finally did....Wow!
A long post but I always have a long version and this was it.
Your turn.....
(just write it in your blog and comment to me to read it)


  1. awww what a great Kiss story!! I don't have a good one like that....just your normal 7th grade kiss! lol

  2. I wouldn't even know how to track down the kissee of my first real kiss. It was in school and I didn't get that he was going to slip me the tongue so I pecked him and turned and he wound up licking my face when I turned. YUCK!! My younger dating years are full of those little nightmares.BTW I see link addiction in your near future, it's coming ;). Not Me Monday is one of my favorites and as close to therapy I'll ever get. Hugs and thanks for sharing your kiss story. Jen

  3. Wow, awesome kiss recounting history!

    My first real kiss was around 13 years old with the boy who I eventually married...and we're both 31 now. :o)

    I'm with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been visiting SITS since last summer. I've read so many fun blogs and met so many amazing women. It's really a great community to share and be a part of. Welcome aboard!

  4. My first "real" kiss was when I was 16. I guess I'm a late bloomer. My boyfriend rode the school bus home with me every day, and we'd hang out in my room for a few hours before he had to go home for dinner. I remember this particular day I was wearing a red Esprit sweater. I was about to go downstairs, and he stopped me right in front of my dresser and planted one on me. I don't think there was any tongue action, but I do know that it was awesome! ;)


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