Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday- Run Day

First things first:
Welcome Pearls, Sandy, Melissa and adlibby.

There is a lot of pressure on me now to be more entertaining.
How will I do it?

When I started off, this blog was meant to entertain myself and I am shocked that any of you even stopped in to visit. I still entertain myself and I try to post every time I do which means 3 or 4 posts some days. I also have started reading the blogs of all the people who comment and I always like them. There are a lot of funny, sweet, talented, interesting people out there. I don't make friends easily in person as I am very guarded but I have made so many friends online that I think if I met any of them in person I would change my reclusive ways.
So, thank you.
For making me feel special, and funny, and interesting.
Because I love, love, love the comments and I of course always have one in return.

I was on Facebook last night and realized that I have had my account for a long time and I have 15 friends (remember that ugly incident with my son when I deleted him and all his friends?)
My youngest just started on FB last week and has 67. And he knows and talks to all of them.
He did not get his social skills from mommy. Daddy will and does talk to everyone. We walk through Walmart, Lowes, the grocery store. And he talks to everyone. And a lot of times they stop to talk to him and I nod and smile and say "who was that?" when we walk away and he says "I don't know but they knew me" or "I think I went to school with him" or "he was the guys who came out to clean our koi pond" and a lot of them are customers in our restaurant. Some are doctors, factory workers, lawyers, mechanics, retired people, laid-off people, local business owners, teachers, cops. He's not picky. Everyone loves him.
I go to the store with one goal. Ok 2.
Get everything I need and do not make any eye contact or your dead meat. And get out of there without spending too much money.
That never, ever, ever happens if HE is with me.
He mingles, he stops, he chats, he BS's, he networks.
I am the rude one who nods, smiles and runs.

Well, I plan to work on this behavior.
I have learned (quite painfully) to talk to people at work.
I know their names, how old their grandkids are, when they had a triple bypass and if they should be eating that bacon, how many times this year they have had the flu, where they are going on vacation etc.
I just ask questions and they open up and I listen. And I actually care about what they are saying. And it is very hard for me to stand there and talk to people because I am weird that way.
But I don't say much about me. I save that for the blog. They don't and won't know I have a blog.

So. I am truly going to work on getting some real friends again. I used to get invited places all the time. To the winery, the movies, dinner, shopping, to the Lake. And I worked so much at the time (before we had the restaurant) that any down time I had was spent at home and with my family. And somehow that turned into reclusive behavior and the more I stayed home, the more I wanted to stay home. And I made excuses for not going anywhere and people quit asking, quit calling. And I didn't care at all.
My husband is disgusted by it. How someone who was so popular and friendly and outgoing in school is so weird now. He on the other hand, never talked to these people in school. He was the recluse.
Maybe I will change, or maybe I will just make more blog friends. Who knows.

Bachelor women tell all tonite.
I have a really busy day and I won't be home til after 10 so have a great day!


  1. WOW! I did the whole "looking in and out" asking 'is she talking to ME'
    Thanks for the welcome.

    I can't wait for the Bachelor Tells all tonight. I will admit, I wasn't big on this show. I only started watching it this season (like 3 episodes ago) because I'm constantly giving my cousin who is truly, in a sick way, hooked to this show. So, shhhhh. She must never know that I might actually enjoy

  2. I'm way more social over the Web than I am in real life. I'm trying to get better at face-to-face interactions, too. I have made some improvements.

    I still say we need to get together in person one of these days. I'll let you know if I'm ever headed that way ... I liked your idea of meeting halfway!

    I hope your Monday is going well!

  3. I'm a social bug no matter whether I'm online or in person. Baby steps.... You can do it!

    Official welcome?! I didn't get an official welcome! ;)

  4. We are so much alike it is sickening!! And my Hubs...well he is the social butterfly. We can not go anywhere without him seeing someone he knows. ANYWHERE!! Even out of town and he can tell you how he knows each and every one!


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