Saturday, February 21, 2009

My weekend so far.....

I thought I would do a little blogging whilst having my coffee and Swiss Cake Roll.
I slept til 10:30. For all you haters, know that I usually get up on Sat. when Mr. Funny leaves for work at 8:30. For those who are jealous that I get to sleep THAT late, know that I get up at 6:30 every other morning.
My kids are older now and instead of waking me up at crack of dawn o'clock, they sleep til after the butler has served my lunch.
And after the entire house has been cleaned.

Yesterday the Big One had friends (2 girls he met at State Music Conference) drive 3 hours to see him and his friend Z play in the Pep Band at the basketball game. They got here at 4, had the grand tour, played some music, played Rock Band, went to eat Pasta Alfredo at the restaurant (all 4 of them), went to the game and drove back home. I told them they could stay here but the one girl said her parents didn't know us so she couldn't.
What??? They let a 17 girl and her friend drive 3 hours to go to dinner and a game and then would rather they get home at 2 am than stay here? Ok....

The Little One went out of town for a concert. A well known Christian band that I really love. He went with the church that his best friend attends and told me about it Wed. after church.
I asked who the band was and he couldn't remember and by the time he told me, it was too late to get me a ticket. A lot of bloggers have this bands songs on their music list so I am a fan.
He had a great time, got a signed t-shirt and a cd for me.

I went to work out of sheer boredom and helped Mr. Funny as it was crazy Friday as usual.
There were so many horribly behaved children there that I had to wonder if there was some sort of conference going on in our town and the meeting place was at our building.
Screamers, slappers, kids running around, hopping from table to table (a group of 10, there were 3 adults) kids playing in the bathrooms and clogging toilets (you don't really want to know how I threatened them; I take plumbing very seriously as plumbers are expensive) and the ever present family of 4 that stays for hours while the boys act like circus freaks and they (parents) take turn with a Gameboy.
It is getting to the point where if I see a family come in with a child, I just think "oh Sweet Baby Jesus, please let them be fast eaters"
Why do parents allow these behaviors in public?
I make sure to compliment the ones who are good.
Don't write to me and tell me how hard it is either. I see these parents ignoring things that should be addressed. Rudeness to servers? How about please and thank you.
Sitting in your seat should be taught as soon as they are old enough to sit up. Buckle them in a high chair so the little ones cannot stand up.
Those of you who allow your children to run around the house during dinner grabbing a piece of food from their plate here and there and complain that they are too little to be expected to sit still (ahem, husbands sister)
Bull Shit.
You put them in a highchair, booster, or chair. Give them food and tell them they sit with the family til everyone is done. And make dinner a reasonable amount of time. 20 minutes is fine.
Expecting good behavior for 2 hours in a busy restaurant is stupid. You may be visiting with your friends from the factory, family from out of town or someone you ran into that you haven't seen since last Friday. Take it home. Visit there. So the kids can scream in your house.
I used to drag mine outside for a swat or a talking-to before I allowed such behavior. If they screamed in Walmart, I left. If they asked for something and I said no and they kept it up, we went to the bathroom and said "you will not get a toy today and I will not change my mind, am I clear?" and sometimes a quick swat. And sometimes two. And you do not give in if you have already said no. Ever.
Don't bribe them with toys if they are good. They should always be respectful of you and the others around you. And don't give in to screaming.

I was at the grocery store a few months ago and there was a 3ish year old screaming and threatening his parents for a toy. Loudly. "I need that, you better go back, you will get it for me, I need that!"
Are you freaking kidding me?????
They kept saying "shut it or I will beat your ass!" "shut your F-ing face" and "you aren't gettin nuthin" (double negative, means you are getting something)
I wanted that kid to get his ass beat. I wanted to offer my services. Please!!
(by the way, it is kind of white trash to loudly threaten your child while using profanity in public, especially if you are wearing pajama bottoms and your kid is filthy with sticking up hair and no is winter and soap is cheap, a lot of us curse - at home)
I went to the other side of the store where they were out of my earshot and soon enough, they were following me.
Are you serious???
After sighing loudly and mentioning how I wished I would have brought my iPod, they glared at me. Glared at me. I guess they didn't see the 45 others glaring at them and by this time, the 3 other kids were joining the yelling.
If I wasn't a business owner where everyone in the town knows me and eats in my restaurant, I would have said "I thought you were gonna beat that kids ass 8 aisles ago, why'd you change your mind?"
I headed to checkout.
As I was going that way, I heard the mom say, "fine if you just shut the hell up I will get the Power Ranger"

I give up.
I'm getting a taser.


  1. OMG! I would have paid LOTS of money for you to say (and see their reaction) "I thought you were gonna beat their ass 8 aisles ago" That is freakin' hysterical.

    Bad parents never cease to amaze me. Poor kids. Too bad they can't ask for an exchange!

    Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. I'm going to follow you and hope you'll do the same. :)

  2. Great blog! I had a lot fun reading it!

    And "Amen Sister"! I hear ya loud and clear with the whole children behaving badly thing.

    I can't believe the things that parents let their kids get away with.

    We have been VERY blessed to have two daughters that know how to act in public. I say "public" because I don't know WHO these kids are at home! LOL!

    One time my oldest daughter had a nice little fit in a store once (and she was 6 at the time and KNEW better).

    About 5 minutes later she saw someone she knew from school in the store. So I threw myself on the ground, kicking and screaming and made a little scene of my own. Her face turned about 8 different shades of red.

    I simply explained how that was how she had just made me feel.

    Know what? NEVER have had another melt down in a store after that! LOL!

    Once again, great bolg! You have a new follower and I'll be back!

    Oh, and changing the words to the song on my blog. I'm FAMOUS for doing that as well! You're a woman after my own heart! LOL!

    Later Tater ;)

  3. It amazes me how some people behave. In public, no less! Taser is a great idea! Or carry margaritas.


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