Monday, February 16, 2009

RIP 2008-2008

Mr. Funny is working tonight. Monday is our day off together but he switched with our manager so he could be off tomorrow night. The Big One has a Youth Symphony concert out of town.
I accomplished everything I wanted to today.
I picked up groceries, read the water meter, washed the dog who got under the shed to get a critter and came out covered in mud. Ok, Little One washed him but I did have to clean mud out of my bathtub so it's the same. I picked up another fabulous scarf. Lime green and lightweight.

I also went to Lowes to look for a new gazebo. Last summer my MIL bought us a beautiful gazebo for our big backyard. We had been looking for months and she surprised us one day. We got a wickerish sofa, 2 chairs and a glass top table plus a bunch of string lights. It was the bomb.
There was no better place to have a margarita and we used the crap out of it.
Then the unthinkable happened.
We had these weird straightline winds which picked up the gazebo and flipped it bending the frame. We ran outside to upright it. And discussed why we didn't anchor it down. It was bent but still fine. Fixable. Whew!
Fast forward. We are in bed, we hear the wind blowing through the 482 trees on our property. We hear a loud noise and run out onto our bedroom deck. And look down. At our gazebo. Which one could not even guess was a gazebo.
Because it was wrapped around a stupidsonofabitch tree.
The End.
Now we have to buy another one.

I did find some cute outdoors stuff though.
This is Templar and Taggart. Templar has the butterfly on his head. They are bobbleheads. They begged me to take them home with me. "Please, nice blonde somewhat disheveled lady, we need some new digs." Then they started yelling from across the store when I left them to look at these....

.....hummingbird feeders. I couldn't shop anymore because those damn turtles were causing such a fuss and the people at Lowes were like "please take those noisy turtles home with you, they play on the lawn mowers and fire up the grills while the store is closed and yesterday they were in lumber playing with the nail guns and threatening to build a clubhouse."
So they are now happily sitting on my dining room table. They will eventually go in my gazebo with my hedgehog Hessburg, who snores and farts and sneaks sips of my margaritas. He also speaks in a high-pitched British accent. He is quite friendly despite his quirks and he loves the turtles already.
"Allo, it is bloody cold right now, can you put us back in the warm packing bubbles and let us sleep this infernal winter away?"

Thank you again today for all the great comments and now I have 2 more followers! Welcome Angi and The Rambler! (sounds like a cool band) (sound of chirping crickets as followers realize Funny talks to her patio pets, and they talk back to her! Don't be afraid, it gets better.

I will be working all day tomorrow and then on to the concert tomorrow night but I will try to get on at some point.


  1. I am so glad the turtles found you. They are super cute.

  2. I love that Gazebo...i hope you get another one. I think one would be wonderful in my backyard as well!! I may have to look into that. I am a frog all ornamental frogs like those turtles. Have a good day at work!

  3. Okay, absolutely love that you talk to your patio critters and that the turtles just HAD to come home with you. Playing with nail guns probably isn't safe for the young one ;-) Hope that you get a new gazebo before it gets too warm..,every gal needs somewhere to sip the margaritas!!!
    Jamie :-)


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