Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bow-ring

I have made hot wings, pizza, garlic cheese bread, chex mix (lie, I just opened the bag and dumped it in the bowl),and meatballs marinara.
I got lucky on the queso dip. My girlfriend has a Mexican restaurant here and the BEST queso dip. My adorable husband picked some up to surprise me.
I have had 2 Diet Cokes and am working on a 3rd.
I have read the new issue of US Weekly. (I don't give a rats ass about Michelle Obama's secrets but I do love me some celebrity gossip.
I have read all the blogs I can.
I have sent Big One to his friends' party b/c he has been Facebooking for hours and I am sick of watching him sit around shushing me when I talk to the dogs.
Mr. Funny left about the time I started to prepare everything for a work-related emergency.
The cupcakes I bought are calling to me.
I am bored silly.

Time to start drinking.

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  1. I think I gained at least 10 pounds last night. Our friends had so much food, and I had to sample it all ... multiple times. Add the alchohol on top of that, and I feel like a real pig this morning. And the cyclical bloating I'm having this week isn't helping my look if you know what I mean. Your food sounds delish. I hope your hubby didn't have to stay at work too long!


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