Friday, February 13, 2009

Today, a man read my blog.
And it's not the one that is married to me either! I think he was attracted to the monkeys but I am flattered.
And he left a comment so he is welcome here anytime.

Today I picked up two 532 pound heart-shaped boxes of Russell Stovers for the boys. Because nothing says love like cavities, hyperactivity and diabetes.

And then I spent the rest of my evening trying on clothes at various stores.

I love shopping. I hate trying on clothes.
You see these really cute things and take them to the dressing room and take all your clothes off thisfreakinclose to a mirror and it is impossible NOT sob a little bit.
Because the pasty skin, winter weight (it's here in the Summer too, let's be frank, shall we?) and 2 (or 5, I forget) days of not shaving really look just swell
4 INCHES AWAY from a full length mirror and garish lighting.
I started feeling sorry for myself and then sorry for the people who see me all the time and then really sorry for my husband because he lives with this hot mess every day. It's really more a mess than a hot mess.

And the helpful girls always say, "let me know if you need anything." Anything?
Why, yes, I need a double vodka tonic 3 limes please. And keep them coming.
Because you and I and all the men at happy hour know that after a few drinks, everyone starts to look gooooood!

So, I am suggesting that those of you who work in retail suggest to your bosses that they need a liquor license and an open bar.
That will stimulate the economy.
But I will be carrying a flask from now on.

se I cannot have another day like today

Haven't decided which necklace...

dark trouser jeans
patent pumps

This is what I am wearing to dinner tomorrow. It is also our anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Mr. Funny!!
(I am gonna shave, I promise)


  1. Very cute outfit! I have not been allowed to help stimulate the economy lately because of some bills the PH insists need to be paid first, so I am living vicariously through you. Have a great anniversary dinner!

  2. Happy Anniversary! The dressing room....ugh....just sparks episodes of deep dark depressive thoughts for me! I HATE TRYING ON CLOTHES! Your open bar idea is amazing. Just thinking about how much it would stimulate the economy makes me think you should go straight to Congress! I would wear the blue necklace by the way!

  3. Love the outfit! You have impeccable taste!

    I'm with you on the dressing rooms. Thanks to a recent episode in Macy's, I have vowed never to wear shorts again. If my legs look as bad as they did in that dressing room mirror, they will never again see the light of day in public. ;)

  4. love the outfit!!! I liked the black necklace...and where did you get those jeans? I love them !!


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