Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I saw 'em paw, and they had a glowin' eyes".....

We had another pretty day today.
When I got home we took the dogs for a long walk through our neighborhood.
We noticed all the green grass coming up and flowers starting to come up.
It will be back to highs of 40 this week. Crap on a stick.
We went for pizza and had the best pizza and the worst server. I wanted to grab her by the throat and shake her but they frown on that behavior.
Then, because Little One wanted to, we went back to look for Demon Deer.
The Big One is still sick (more about that later) and bitched and moaned about off roading and something about his spleen falling out but when we actually started shining the Maglite into the deers eyes and they glowed, he got all fired up. It was fun to all laugh together. We had the windows down (Mr. has the pimpin' dark tint) and drove around the dirt roads and Big One said it was like a safari. Except colder. And no lions.
We only saw 2 deer. Mr. Funny said they weren't used to the time change yet so they would be running late. Ha Ha

On another note, at work today in the middle of our church lunch rush, the Little One called me and asked me to come home. He was bored. "Where is your father?" I asked him. "I don't know" he said.
No more than 10 minutes later, another call. Big One was whining and gasping..."mom, I need to go to the doctor." (he still has a cold although last night when I went to bed early he kept calling upstairs to me to make him some soup. I told him to ask dad and after dad made him soup and juice and went back to the basement to finish his video game with Little One, he went back to bed and didn't eat any of it but he did crawl up the stairs whining about blacking out and how he was too sick to Facebook. He must not be long for this world.)
Anyway, back to the phone call about the doctor.
I told him they were closed.
"Then take me to the ER, I am dying!!"
I told him not to be ridiculous and that I was busy, goodbye.
Later tonight, he asked if he could start chemotherapy because if it kills cancer, it will kill his cold.
Again. Ridiculous.
Here is a photo of the new tv. It only gets analog and the digital is messed up so it is just for looks right now.
And here is where the bills get paid and the magic happens.....And this is what he is really doing, I think it is "The Unit"
And his faithful dog, Kona.
(this is his office on a clean day, I do not dust or vacuum it because he will not get rid of the piles of papers.)
And just for giggles, I took a picture of all the lipbalm in my nightstand and kitchen drawers. This does not count the bathroom or my purse or car.See Angela, it IS an addiction!! Seriously, 2 drawers.


  1. OK! Yeah, I think you might need help for that lipgloss addiction!

  2. I can't believe your tv isn't working! That blows.

    We've never been on a demon deer safari, but crabs at the beach at night will stare with those glowing eyes at your flashlight until you walk up and poke them. Fun vacation stuff. :)

    That is one crap-load of lip stuff! You get sick of the same old flavor but can't throw it away? I bet there is a goodwill box for that somewhere. ;)

  3. I'm so going to show my husband your chapstick collection. I have 5 right now and he thinks I have a problem. (I'm thinking if that's my big problem, then I'm doing pretty well!)

  4. So does that Coca-cola one taste like coke?


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