Sunday, March 22, 2009


I just watched Twilight.
Mr. Funny downloaded it from iTunes last night and after work today and some yard work, I watched it on my notebook.
I have seen it many times but this was a much better copy. I still don't have the outtakes and extra disc but I will pick it up soon.
We ended up not going to take the Big One for his audition tomorrow.
His grandmother took him.
We are going through some stuff right now and I feel like my head is going to explode.
Don't worry, we will be fine but I have not been myself lately.
Most days I feel like I cannot do anything right. Or say the right things. And I lose my cool easily. It doesn't help that I never sleep.
I do have my husband to talk to about my problems though as I really don't have any close friends and am not comfortable talking about personal things with others.
It is easy to vent here, because nobody really knows me and I don't feel ashamed or that I am being judged.

It really was a beautiful day. We got some leaves raked and some burning done. We have a perfect place by our out-building/shed around where we keep our firewood and we burn leaves and branches. Mr. Funny loves fire. He's a regular pyromaniac. (no, he hasn't been to Australia lately)

We had some rain lately so the plants and grasses are coming up nice and green. I so look forward to spring and summer but the thought of winter rolling around again is almost too much to bear. I think I have that Seasonal Affected Disorder. Add that to all my other disorders and the general disorder of my house and you've got a big party of crazy. I'm the Queen.

Well, I think the Little One has gotten into some poison oak or sumac because he has some welts and a rash on his neck and right arm so I am going to tend to him now.

Have a beautiful week!!


  1. I'm sorry you're not up to par. I hope everything is ok.

  2. Glad you got to see it on your computer.... isnt it fun watching it from home? I got my DVD from Target & it had a 3 disc set... I recommend that one!

  3. We got Twilight on Blue Ray on Saturday. Was was ready to kill the wife while we watched it however!

    Every 5 minutes she would yell out, "Pause it!" and then she would proceed with, "Now they don't really explain this, but in the book..."

    For the love of GOD woman! LOL!

    Hope you start feeling perkier in the very near future and everything is okay.

    And I hope the Little One gets over his bout with the poison oak! That just sucks!

    Later Tater ;)

  4. Don't talk about winter again yet! I suffer from SAD as well. Breath that spring air in and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

  5. Honey, you need good girl friends! Good friends, that you can talk about deep feelings and trips to the Vaginologyst. I'll be your cyber girl-friend.


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