Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Best Weekend So Far This Year

We got home last night and I am so glad that I cleaned before I left because after I threw in a load of laundry, went for pizza and came home, I was beat.
I forgot how early little kids get up and how stupid my sisters and I get when we are let loose.
Let me begin.

We got there Sat around 7.
We had dinner reservations at a Japanese steakhouse at 9 so we had a snack and I played with my nephews and read Skippyjohnjones books. If you haven't had the pleasure, they are about a Siamese cat who think he is/wants to be a Chihuahua. I read it with a Spanish accent.
My sister came over with her pup, Wheechee, who looks like an Ewok and is the cutest thing ever.
On to the restaurant.
We had a great time eating steak and shrimp and lobster (and Asahi beer) and the chef put on quite a show! A volcano out of onions and flipping shrimp tails into his hat. Good times.
Then the search was on for a bar where we could sit outside, be noisy, drink and listen to music.
We found a great place with a patio and giant propane heaters.
I had American Ale mini pitchers and I got a little tipsy.
The music consisted of mostly hip hop but we did manage to talk him into Lady Gaga's Poker Face for the last song and we danced like dorks. The men stayed outside- I am sure they were pretending they weren't with us. The DJ said I was Bootylicious.
We also competed against each other for who had the most lipglosses in their purse.
Me. (25)
Then we all went to my sisters house and stayed up way too late.

Morning came early and I heard my sister asking her littlest son why there was marker on the walls. He was wailing and whining and the other one was screaming so I got up.
There was coffee and doughnuts so I didn't complain.

Our Sunday plan was to hit Belk, DSW, Target, Payless, and Coach.
We made it to DSW, Payless and Target.
I found some great spring tops and the cutest preppy flip flops, and a lip gloss.
Then we met up with the guys and borrowed a truck so we could pick up a wedding/housewarming present for my youngest sister.
We got them a BBQ grill and they loved it!

We went to the McAlisters Deli for dinner and then out for a girls-only night at another bar.
They had an outdoor patio with a fireplace and it was in the 30's outside with a wicked wind.
We had great drinks, great conversation and it was great company. (I had vodka tonics)
Mel and I went home and the other 2 went home to bed as they had to work early. Mel and I stayed up til 3 talking. (I had diet Sierra Mist)

At 5am, all hell broke loose and the kids were up for the day.
The Little One was asking me to read him another book and the big one was trying to pursuade us into harming him by acting like a heathen.
We met another sister at Carinos for lunch, dropped by Starbucks, and hit the road to home.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

My nephew.....Nephew, sister and Wheechee

Wheechee and me......
At the restaurant... my sisters friend and my sisters
Other sister and brother

Sitting in his Hot Wheels box

Youngest sister....

Mr. Funny.
Wheechee and Moose. Ewok names.

My sister Mel and I. Her blog is Mel the Positive Pessimist on my blogroll.

Moose and Me.
All 5 of us plus Moose and Wheechee
All 4 of us girls (Wheechee was zonked out)

Ready to party like it's 2009!

Lunch at Carinos on Sunday.
Bread and lemonade, is there anything better?
Have Hot Wheels. Will travel

Here are my nephews on the way home from lunch. They are jamming out to New Kids on the Block. Here is Big on the air guitar.

Little fell asleep while playing his air guitar.
That's what happens when you raise hell at 5am!


  1. Loved the pics of the fam!!

    25 lip glosses? You might be competition for my BFF :)

    And your ewok dogs are sooooooo CUTE!!

  2. Love all the pictures!!!

    I love her wall with all the pictures too... I'm a picture nut! Would LOVE to do that in my house!

  3. Love all the pics! You two really look alike! Every one says that about me and my sister but we DO NOT see it AT ALL!! Those puppies are adorable. What are they?


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