Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun With College- Part 6,328,583

You know how we have been waiting for the college to send us a written confirmation on the scholarship/grant awards that our son has received?
And Mr. Funny has been on the phone with the woman in charge of handing out the money every day for the last 42, 943 years?
(please do not be confused by the fancy technical terms, I am tired and I do not care to figure out the right titles)
And every few days she "finds" another $1000 to offer us?
Guess what?
The letter of scholarship award and written acceptance letter to the college? (get ready...)

In my son's e-mail in box.

Since March 13th.

He does not ever check his mail. (Facebook, yes)

All this time she has been searching for an official copy to send us plus written approval from the financial wizards, it has been sitting in my kitchen.
She actually looked it up today and said it was e-mailed to him March 13th.
And there it was.
Why didn't she have this dandy bit of info any of the other times she talked to my husband?
Why didn't she say it was sent to his mail instead of telling us it should be coming to my husbands e-mail any day.
We did not even know she had our son's e-mail since he never uses it.

I think, after all of this, I would rather send him to muffler repair school, the plumbers academy or how to get one's tongue unstuck from a frozen light pole school.
Because there, they would have called us up and said:
"Uh huh, that green smoke he saw coming out of the tailpipe was indeed a bad muffler, we're gonna give him a chance" or
"Yep, he can get a big turd to go on down the hole, he's in!" or
"He knew to dump some warm water on the protruding tongue, he's got a full ride!"

Stupid Us.
Stupid Them.
All of Us....


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  1. OH my! How fustrating.
    Hope everything works itself out.

    Off to catch up....


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