Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Have Gas Today

I took the Little One to school this morning wearing my red and white snowflake pajama bottoms and grey Adidas t-shirt. (don't be jealous, I have many other outfits as good as this one)
Oh, and my navy and green preppy flip flops, because the shoes make the outfit.
My stupid gas light comes on.
I have no idea how far you can go in a car once the light comes on but the pointer was below the line.
The thought of pumping gas on the busiest street corner in town at 7:50 am was terrifying so the Little One offered to do it for me so I could stay in the car.
He did well except I give bad directions and actually had to get out for a second to open the door(I thought) on the gas cap (it is one that you push in and it pops open)
I kept saying to push in in and it would pop open, and he said he was and it wouldn't open.
I looked around, saw nobody I knew, got out and ran around to open it.
It was open.
He knew how to open the door but the cap was on too tight and would not unscrew.
He was trying to get the inside cap off and I thought he was trying to get the door open and he kept pushing in the gas cap (because I said push it in) instead of turning it.
I jumped back in the car and noticed a van full of Merry Maids next to me staring.
I recognized a few of them that come in the restaurant.
I waved.
They stared.

He didn't have any other problems and when he got in the car, he said
"mom, you should give directions for a living, you are really good at it"
Don't know where he gets it......


  1. Ha! The little one sounds like my kind! -No sarcasm there-

    The maids were just in awe of your rockin outfit, you know it!

  2. Hahaha! I miss being college-age, when it was acceptable to wear pajamas in public, especially before noon.

    Red with snowflakes - at least your only one season behind. ;)

  3. I'm told that I apparently embarrassed myself the other day when I stopped the car in the middle of the street to look in my neighbor's recycling can out by the curb to see how he sorted his stuff. I needed information!!


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