Monday, May 18, 2009


We have really been working hard on getting our yard in summer shape and I think we are almost there.
When we bought the house a year+ ago from the lawyer with the 2 tiny boys and sweet wife, he was overwhelmed with all of the yard maintenance and had moved to a mansion with a teeny yard. He told us that if you can spend a few days working hard, you can enjoy the rest of the time.
He was not kidding.
The difference between his family and ours is that:
a.) I do not have a nanny or cleaning lady
b.) I do not have a lawn service (ok, I have had the guy who mows the grass at the restaurant mow a few times but it was in desperation)
c.) I actually enjoy getting dirty and being in the sun
We did not plant the trees ourselves though because as I previously stated, there is no time and we do not know what we are doing.
Out of all the planting beds which were full of leaves, weeds and worms (agghh) (the worms got to stay)- I have only 2 left and then I can finish planting and get some annuals.
Also need a gazebo/pergola/arbor and a clean new pond.
I have a bad blister on my hand (yes, I wore gloves), my arms are scratched up, my body is sore and I ended up falling asleep at 10 last night fully clothed and without brushing.

The Little One is spending the day at a theme park with the other student council members today so we have all day to get things done.

The house is clean.
The laundry is done.
The yard is mowed and (mostly) done.

And I do not want to do a thing but lay in the bathtub and relax.

Here is the Little One yesterday. He is texting. I cannot get a photo of him smiling. It is inherited from his father.
Here is the freshly mowed yard.
See the hammock?
It is calling to me..........


  1. That hammock is calling to me as well....

    I despise yard work.. I'm allergic to grass so if I attempt to cut it, I'm itching for HOURS & my throw closes off... leave that job to my husband! But your yard looks LOVELY!

  2. It looks beautiful and peaceful. I can't wait to enjoy it with you next Friday. We have to leave early on Sat. though because Juli will be moving and we have to help. Plus, Jonah birthday is at my house the next day and I have to prep. We will make Friday a blast though! You should come home with me for a few days after that! I could meet Mr. Funny halfway to bring you home when you want.

  3. Wonderful, Wonderful job! Now go lay in your hammock!

  4. Your yard looks beautiful, enjoy!!


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