Monday, May 25, 2009

Night at the Funny's

Yeah, look who's here again.
I guess if you read these in order they make more sense but if you start with this post and go down, it is weird.
I cooked dinner and then we went to a 9:20 movie.
Because we live dangerously.
We saw Night at the Museum 2 and I laughed my ass off a lot.
Plus there was a trailer to a Land of the Lost movie with Will Farrell and I had to tell Little One how I used to watch Land of the Lost in 1974 when I was 5 and could still sing the whole intro song.
Which annoyed him because he is so NOT interested in anything I did as a child.
Ever since I called a mother I barely knew, to invite her son to a boy/girl party and I promised her I would be watching them and it wouldn't be like the "spin the bottle" and "7 minutes in heaven" games we used to play in our friends basement.
"Remember those?" I laughed
"Uh, no, we never played those games"
Neither did I but I heard there were people who DID!
How lame. All we did was lip kiss and most of the 7 minutes in the closet was uncomfortable silence til we darted out and bragged a bunch of BS to look cool.
So, while I was shoving my entire leg into my mouth, my son was listening to my end of the conversation with his air soft gun pointed at his head and a look of horror on his face.
I really tried to explain to the woman that I was not a whore but apparently she was still playing with Barbies at 13 and there is nothing wrong with that, I suppose.
I also wore my Wonder Woman Underoos while I ran the hood with my boy Mike and we didn't care if our parents were mortified. I was 8, I think but I might have been 9. No, I was 9.
Little One reminds me that this kid doesn't come over anymore (of course he never was a close friend) but if I have to worry about every word that comes out of my mouth, how fun is that?

And the movie had Al Capone in it and he asked who that was.
The kid is part Italian and doesn't know?
I blame his father. It is his job to teach him about Italian gangsters and such.
He did know all about Al's Tommy gun and what type of planes were in the storage basement.

So, at 11:30 when we got home, we went straight to You Tube and Google and looked up Land of the Lost theme song (he made fun of the 1974 animated dinosaur and the fake creek) and Al Capone's ammo and I threw in the Zoom theme song and Sigmund the Sea Monster too.
If you are in your late 30's and 40's you know.
Except Mr. Funny.
He watched Road Runner. Bugs Bunny. That talking chicken what was his name?I said I said I SAID! He stuttered.?????
He hasn't seen The Sound of Music either which is just freaking weird.
If I would have known my kid would watch a show with a Sponge and a Starfish who live under the sea and eat crabby patties, I would have said, no way.

The movie was awesome.
Go see it.
Did I mention that we had the theater to ourselves and 2 families with 9 kids between them, under the age of 6, sat RIGHT BEHIND US??!!!
I actually said to Mr. F in the car that we would not be sitting anywhere near small children because they cry in movies. And chatter, and make racket.
So, of course, I leaned over and said "go get the gun so I can shoot myself now"
They were quiet after the movie started but most of them were asleep 10 min. in.

So, now you know that I ran around the neighborhood in my undies, made out with boys when their parents weren't looking and watched bad tv.
I also took sips of dad's Old Milwaukee, wet the bed (those might have been related), swam in ponds and got leeches all over me, and had slumber parties with boys til my mom made me stop ( I was a tomboy and I had a bunkbed, no harm-no fowl) and prank called the teachers I didn't like.
If you still read this blog after all that, I love you!


  1. I can STILL sing the entire theme song to Land of the Lost.

    My Dolls don't "get it" either.

    Mr and I are looking forward to the movie.

    The Dolls think I was completely uncool in my youth. (They don't know I'm STILL uncool.)

  2. I'm still with you. I'm realizing more and more that I was way uncool. :)

  3. If you're interested in Land of the Lost, you might want to visit my fan site with coverage of both versions of the TV series and the latest news on the upcoming movie.

  4. Don't know if you care but there is a Land of the Lost marathon on Sci-fi today. I've tried watching it but it just doesn't offer the same gratification it did when I was a kid.

  5. What kind of person didn't play spin the bottle or 7 mintes in heaven? That sounds like her problem, not yours.

    The chicken's name is Foghorn Leghorn.

  6. thanks WOR, even Mr. couldn't think of Foghorn Leghorn

  7. I grew up on that show and loved it - you have to give props to a show that opens by flushing the cast down a toilet. And the Sleestacks kicked...well they were fun!


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