Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing in the Rain

I dragged the Big One off of Facebook and we all 4 went for pizza.
Then we went 4 wheeling and I wish I had my camera because they were hanging out the window, sitting on the back spare tire and standing on the running boards and then it started to rain so we hit a few more puddles and went home.
We played a little baseball in the backyard and when it really started coming down, we noticed Kona cowering under the trees wondering why the insane humans were playing in the rain.
We grabbed a few leashes and took Skip and Molly around the neighborhood. They were excited to be on a walk and disgusted to be wet.
Mr. Funny was backing out of the garage and started snapping photos and since I have very little pride, I thought I would post them.
Molly and I both look like chunky monkeys, I should have let the skinny boy hold the plump dog.
Mascara + rain = sexy
Little Ones face in the last one is classic, he said the dog smelled bad, and about puked.

The pond guy did not come.
He doesn't work in the rain.
It is supposed to rain the next few days so he had better put on his big boy panties and make sure I have fish by Friday.

Tomorrow at 7am, I am buying breakfast for the Little One and his group of friends.
Only 3 more days of 8th grade!!


  1. That is terrific!! If we all took the time to play in the rain, the world would be a better place!

    Now, I can't wait until it rains again!!

  2. Sorry, but you're mistaken:
    mascara + rain = Alice Cooper


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