Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Something fishy is going on around here.......

I now officially have a brand new pond.
I'm not gonna lie, it is a little murky and the ground around it is soggy but it is just a lovely sight, mostly.
And I might have driven the pond guy criminally insane with all of my questions.
His wife was sweet; didn't get mad at all when he threw a shovel full of pea gravel into the pond and splashed her in the face with pond water while she was bending over filling in between the rocks.
My husband would have been floating face down after that stunt but she just spit out the water and wiped her face.
The waterfall makes me smile.
A lot.
But the mosquitos do not.
In a few days I am going to go pick out some fish.
I am going to name 2 of them Edward and Bella because I am 13 years old and not at all good with names.
The rest I am going to leave up to you.
My faithful readers.
I need some fish names.
Don't let me down.

Here is another reason to smile.
The other Edward.
The one without gills.

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