Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alarming New Details

I worked a 12 hour day today while Mr. Funny was home all day with the Radio Shack dudes while they installed our home alarm.
All Day.
He got to work about 8:00 and gave me the key fob and showed me what button to push to open the garage door (which disarms the alarm)
It didn't work as planned.
The alarm went off.
It was loud.
I called him to let him know that there was a glitch in the system.
He told me how to disarm it.
I disarmed it.
The phone is supposed to ring and they ask me for the code word that everything is ok, or not ok.
That part isn't set up yet.
Thank goodness.

But there a few kinks that need work.

Hopefully before I get home from work tomorrow.

The sound of that alarm took months off of my life.
I can't get them back.
Let's all hope for the best.


  1. There would be a pair of panties I'd just have to throw away.

  2. The Lost Months were probably ones you'd have spent on a feeding tube anyway.

  3. Those are the last diaper months anyway.

    Our Carbon Monoxide alarm is so ear-piercingly loud. A real alarm would scare the crap out of me.

  4. MONTHS! I know that feeling! Did you read the story about how my husband left his car keys in his pants pocket and when they hit the dryer the car alarm kept going off periodically for about 20 minutes before I figured out what was up?! Months baby! I hate that heart-pounding, "Dear God, make it stop!" feeling. Hope it's repaired by now.


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