Monday, June 29, 2009

Do YOU talk to cows?

What a relaxing day (so far)
We have had a break in the 100 degree heat and let me tell you how much I love, love 85 degrees.
When I got home from work yesterday, I went to work on cleaning the pond area.
There is a brick patio there and it was full of oak tree mess and dirt. I also finished turning the mulch garden into a rock garden with some Arizona river stones and rocks that we found at the river and the side of the road. (more on that later)
The fish have stopped dying and the water is clear (thank you baby!) and the pond plants are blooming Hyacinth flowers and growing like crazy!
Mr. F mowed the lawns and I weeded and we enjoyed a Coke at the outdoor patio- without breaking too much of a sweat.
It was delightful.

Then we rinsed off and went to eat and on a Sunday drive in the country.
We love to do this and as it got later, it got cooler.
Nick and I made Mr. F stop so we could talk to the baby cows (cowlets) and they talked back! While we were acting like dorks, these kids came by on 4 wheelers and we ran to the Jeep, laughing like we were breaking the law. I am sure they thought we were nuts talking to cows but then we passed them and waved and of course Nick (Mr. Popular) knew them.
We drove down by the river and there were some great rocks on the side of the road and I kept annoying everyone with "Stop, there is a prime river rock for the pond" and "slow down, there are some prime cowlets to talk to" and we laughed the whole time.
We played some oldies on the iPod (BeeGees, Beastie Boys, Barry Manilow) and of course Nick knew the Beastie Boys from his video games/Guitar Hero.

We made it home in time to see his friend starting to move into our neighborhood.
I cannot tell you how excited they are to be 5 houses away from eachother. The houses are far apart but it is still a 5 min. walk instead of a 20 min drive.

Today we are headed to the lake for some mini golf and dinner on the water. (not IN the water)
We need to seize the day before our busy work week starts tomorrow.


  1. Our HUMID Horrible weather broke - now its just very warm.. which is way more tolerable!

    Have fun with mini golf tonight!

  2. We are going to Pomme because there isn't as many people!

    I might of mooed passing a cow, but I can't say I have had a conversation with one.

  3. I recently tried to photograph some cows....they were NOT cooperative.


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