Friday, June 19, 2009


I realized I hadn't talked about Finney much and I am going to tell you why.
I found out some upsetting details of his previous life which explain why he is so afraid of Mr. Funny and Ash (he has gotten used to Nick and loves him now)
The woman who I got him from, remember her husband died suddenly last week, came in the restaurant on Wed. to have lunch. She is a sweet older woman from England. I was giving her my condolences and gave her a check for Finn (he was $150) because I didn't want to take him for sure until he got a clean bill of health at the vet (he did) and she said she wanted to let me in on a secret.
Her almost-husband would hit Finn with a belt when he pooped on the floor or misbehaved.
I didn't ask in detail how hard he was being hit or even how often but I did tell her that it was stupid and cruel.
She had screamed at him to never do that again and that his old school ways of punishment were not going to work. Then she told him to call me (I had seen Finn in their car when they were eating and fell in love with him) and see if I would take him.
I KNEW he had been somehow abused. I had mentioned his fear of men to her on the phone several times and she never said a word. There was no explanation as to why he was terrified of men but went to women every time. Mostly me though.
I guess I am his angel since I rescued him from the evil dog-hitter.
It made me a little, ok a LOT, less sad about his untimely heart attack.

It will bite you in the ass every time.

I have really worked with him on crate training and when he does have an accident I say "No Finn" firmly and put him straight outside.
When Mr. Funny tries to catch him to go out or into his crate, he runs away so I am sure he was chased by the fat bastard with the belt.
He is getting better and the fact that he is only 3 months makes it easier to help him forget the bad things but I really want him to get over this fear before he is a full-grown huge dog with anger issues.
Mr. always sits on the floor and plays with all of the dogs and Finnegan Flannagan, as he calls him because he doesn't like Finneus (he is Finn or Finney anyhow) is warming up to him slowly.

I was polite to the woman after I paid her but the friendly phone calls and pictures will stop. She is no longer a part of our lives.
The fact that she allowed it even once and then started telling me what a wonderful man he was and how he adored her and worshipped her......
It makes me so angry I wanted to shake her.
It's like those abused women that go on and on about how they get beat up but he is SUCH a good father! Whatever, dream on.
Maybe some people feel this is appropriate punishment but I know if you hit an animal, they will get mean. I have been hit with a belt by my father who was a total and complete assface and it really sucks.
Ok, I am done.


  1. Isn't it amazing how many people will strike a dog, then wonder why the dog misbehaves.

    To hit a dog is to ruin a dog.

    Good for you to save the little guy, I really hope he can get past his past..

  2. Poor Finn! He will like Mr. soon enough.


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