Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am so excited because Nick is coming home from camp today.
I haven't heard from him much but he has been in Gatlinberg, Tennessee at a church camp.
In the Great Smokey mountains there are bears.
I said, Bears.
He captured a photo of a baby bear last night with his camera phone.
I know that baby bears are followed closely by mama bears and they don't really understand photo ops so I imagined the phone call.
"Umm, we are really sorry to have to tell you this but your son is missing and he was last seen taking a photo of a bear cub"

Anxiety runs freely through my veins.

We went to see The Proposal last night. It was pretty good although the popcorn was stale and it was 60 below in the theater.

Then I spent the rest of the night imagining bears breaking into the hotel and eating my son and his friends.

The air at work is not working too well.
Which, combined with cramps and a backache does not fare well for me.
I did get my hair cut and some computer time so the day wasn't all bad, plus I get to see my baby tonight.

There will be tales (he said he saw Mike Tyson's Lamborghini at The Hollywood Star Cars Museum)
I will share tomorrow.

I think Finn has made himself a nice little home for himself here.
He has Mr. Funny wrapped around his huge paws and Skippy never has time to dig out of the yard anymore what with his head always being in Finns mouth.
He is constantly torturing and mauling the other dogs, except Kona. She has this Brontosaurus growl and he backs the truck up and goes to Molly, who gives him the double Elvis lip and growls also.
Poor Skip never has a chance and he really does deserve it for hanging with the skunks last summer and stinking up the joint, digging holes everywhere, scaring the crap out of "crazy old man who mows in his Santa hat", and lifting his leg on my upholstered chair (he only did that once, I made sure of that and yes, he is still a boy dog)

I don't plan on talking about the pool party on Saturday.
There were a lot of drunk people, a lot of very large people, and clothing became optional after 9pm. (I never took off so much as my sandals) (And I never swam or wore a suit)
There were some racist jokes, the N and F word were flying freely and a woman went into detail about her sex life in front of 30 people.
I was mostly quiet and hung out with Mr. Funny until he left me to go talk in the kitchen with a friend and everyone got in the pool so they left me alone. I took photos but I will not post them- they will go on a disc for the birthday girl. I was happy as a clam with my Corona and I found a nice girl to talk to as well.
I said I wasn't going to do this but I just did so here is a photo I took.

A pitbull on a picnic table. He was very nice and enjoyed a White Russian like most dogs do.
The woman thought I was taking her picture and since she had a back full of tatoos and drank double whiskey and cokes all night, I let her think I was taking it of her and not the dog.
If you are related to her, I am sorry. I am sure she is very dainty and sweet.


  1. I AM related to that Pitbull, but she's not very dainty. Not sweet at all.
    Kind of a drunkard.

  2. I'm going to see The Proposal tomorrow night with a girlfriend from work. My hubby and I saw The Hangover last weekend. It was good ... crude, but good! ;-)

    I am laughing so hard over that pitbull on a picnic table pic. That looks like the pool parties they have up here!


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