Thursday, June 25, 2009

I didn't even realize that I posted my 400th post yesterday.
Wow! 400!
I will blame it on being long winded and chatty and having a lot to say about nothing.
I am a little sad today because first Ed died and then Farrah and now Michael Jackson.
Michael had been very odd theses last few years but he was a part of my teenaged years and I can still dance the Thriller dance and remember Billy Jean playing at the school dance and some of the others and then I think about being young and still having my mother and living at home and it was a simpler time. Run-on sentence much?
I am also upset by some news from a blog friend, who I know would be a great friend in real life. I am hoping things work out for the best for her and her family.

I did my grocery shopping trip today and man it is hot!
It seems much worse when the stores are so cold and then you get in a hot car and get cool again and then get back out yo unload and go in the cool house again. I will be getting a cold soon, I bet.
I bought some healthy stuff and also things to cook. I do it so seldom and I know how- it is just laziness.
I picked up some Crystal Light lemonade. Is it good? I am not a big water lover but I do like it when it is very hot so I have been laying off the Diet Cokes and drinking more water.

Last nights girls night was so-so.
The margaritas were very strong so we all only had one and the food was good (I had a chicken chimi) but when I got home, my dark mood took over and I fell asleep on the couch during Americas Got Talent. (I will live without that one)
Then I woke up and went up to bed.
And had heartburn all night long.

I have been catching up on laundry and since Nick added his from camp, I may be awhile.

I get so frustrated with the kids sometimes with all the things I need to do on a daily basis to keep the house running and clean and it seems like all they do is make more messes. I try to ask nicely and after awhile I yell and they help out and everyone is mad.
I need to make a list of jobs and I guess I can use Facebook and computer and video game time as currency.
Right now, I have hidden the mouse and keyboard and put a password on my computer so they are out of luck.

Ash is back to the original college plan.
Music performance.
He was not too excited about the science and technology school and the Air Force Academy is not going to let him in with his asthma.
So, he has orientation this weekend and we need to either take him or send him alone and book a hotel and hope he gets it all done.
I am trying to decide if I want to get away (and drive 3 hours) or send him alone.
He also raised his ACT score to a 31. All the extra tutoring and the tricks she taught him helped. He still didn't finish the test though. The funniest part is that he messed up on the simple algebra but did fine on the Calculus and Trig and all the word problems.

We got a new ac unit for the kitchen today!!!!!!!!!
We need a crane to hoist it on the roof and cannot get it til Sat. but it is great to have found one and on closeout even!

I need to get my doggies fed and my kiddo too!


  1. I have been so desperate for some help around the house, I took the Wii remotes and the keyboard to work with me.

  2. I have PMS. And GERD.
    Don't even TELL me how much laundry you've got.

    My hair sucks.

    Chocolate is the answer.
    (What was the question?)

    Chin up. Yay for AC!


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