Thursday, June 11, 2009

I got 7 things from my list done today and drinking vodka was not one of them.
My MIL has to go out of state because her sister is in the hospital with heart issues so I inherited a few things from her.
Her dog. The big hairy one who whines, farts, gets water everywhere when he drinks, barfs during storms and takes up way too much space in my 4000 sq. foot house. Seriously.
5 dogs.
A birthday party.
Forecast of rain all weekend.
Kill me now.

The boys picked up the limbs and the dishwasher got done and the laundry is almost finished but the other BS is waiting.
Plus I have to make some phone calls for the MIL and pick up her dog tomorrow and go pay for Ash's haircut and tanning from today that I never got to do b/c I had to go to work for Mr. Funny for a few hours.
I just feel like I never shut down.
Go, go, go, go, go, go

And now I am too tired to make a drink so I will go to bed so I can get off to a running start manana.
That is Spanish for tomorrow.
Tengo mucho que hacer maƱana (I have a lot to do tomorrow)
Buenas noches

Mr. Funny just got home with a new game.
Twilight the game
(maybe Edward is inside and he will pop out and help me fold laundry and run my errands)


  1. I hope the Twilight game is fun! November can't come soon enough.... seriously.

  2. You had me at 4,000 square feet, then the coveting makes my ears ring so loudly that I can't think straight.
    In reality, it's no wonder you've got a To Do list as long as your arm.
    When the guests arrive you'll be having a grand time and forget about all that work.
    Now get busy!

  3. I LOVE that Mr. Funny is peaking around you in that last pic. He is FUNNY!

  4. please don't covet, you should try cleaning all this!

  5. Just found your blog, you are too much :) I can't wait to keep reading, I'm a follower now. I sell AVON in addition to my regular job so I blog under my AVON Lady name. If you need any makeup let me know, I offer discounts to first time customers, then you get a discount till the end of time every time you order after that.
    The AVONLady


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