Friday, June 5, 2009

I have been sitting at 36 followers for some time now.
I know there are more people out there that read my blog because I have a site meter.
I have been more about the family and home and less about the funny lately but seriously, I have been trying to raise children and dogs and a husband so give me a break

You know you want to follow me. Just make it happen.

The dogs are getting used to the new puppy.
In the the Big Ones words "he shall be called Finneus"
So I call him Finn or Finney.
He adores me.
And only me.
He runs from the boys and Mr. Funny and is constantly under my feet or in my lap. He is almost too big to be a lap dog but nobody sent him the memo.
Mr. is trying to woo him with treats and toys and play, and I am sure he will warm up but for now, he is mine.
So, I want him to be Finn.
Mr. wants Dexter and Little wants Mercedes.
Finn it is.

My pond and fish are doing well.
We went to a stone place on Monday and bought some medium sized river stones and some bags of smooth colored stones which I put on the bottom and in between the large rocks. We also went to the river and grabbed a few large rocks.

Yesterday I started shampooing the carpets.
And the Little One and I need to paint his room.
Lots to do, gotta go.


  1. love the puppy!! and I really like his name, Finneus..
    our doxie baby is named Dexter, so it's a great name that I'm partial to. :) still lovin your hair :)

  2. I actually had a girl come up to me at a recent wedding and tell me she reads my blog all the time... now does she follow me? No!


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