Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have new follower who openly admitted she started following because I made her feel guilty.
Any other takers?
I promise to do my best to be funny.

Today was one of those days when I wish I still took anxiety/depression meds.
The teenagers at work drive me criminally insane.
They were singing "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight" today and I said "hey guys, 1987 called and they want their song back" and they said it was a new song.
I said "no, it was popular the year I was in high school" and one of the servers said "you just went to high school that ONE YEAR?"
Yep. We are funny.
Anyway it is now a hip hop or whatever song and it blows.

I spent the better part of last night either cleaning up dog poo, dog pee, dog barf, dog mud or a mix of it all. I hauled out the shampooer again and man I am sick of messes.

I think Ash got a job and I am so glad because we took away his car til he got one and he has become very comfortable sitting in the chair texting with one hand, Facebooking with the other and snarfing all available Cheez Its, Swiss Cake Rolls, and microwavable chinese dinners, while drinking every drop of juice in the house and complaining that we have no food and that the new dog hates him. It was time for a new activity and I think a job is just what the doctor (me and his dad) ordered. I did mention that if he had stayed at Ralph Lauren he might have been a manager by now but what do I know.
I did have to take him to Applebees to meet friends and then he is going to the movies and in turn, he cleaned the basement and his room.
Tomorrow we will work on how to use a mop.
Because it is important to train em up right before you send them to engineering school.

But wait....
He might still want to go to school for music performance.
I think by the time he figures out his future, it will be here and he will be my full time housekeeper.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
He has been tutored for a few weeks to raise his ACT score and the test is Saturday so we shall see.
We have some more tornado crap going on so I am going to the basement now.


  1. I was just kidding. I started following you because I do think your funny. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure I started following you officially because I felt guilty... I was logging onto Mel's and clicking yours anyway. It really was a win-win! :)

  3. No need to guilt me, I was one of the original apostles.

    My sister used to use the line "Just give me my summer!!!" when my parents wanted her to get a job. It worked for about 3 years.

  4. This is a great post. It's like having a phone conversation.
    How to comment...?

    "Yes, I've heard it." [grimace, which is ineffective on phone OR blog]

    "Be glad you OWN a carpet cleaner."
    "Ralph Lauren...? Was there an employee discount?"

    "Teach him how to clean up after the dog. And how to clean carpets."

    "K, bye."

  5. I must admit to laughing at that teenager's quick wit. Sorry, now I feel guilty, too, and must follow.


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