Friday, June 26, 2009

I received my first award ever today.
I never thought I wanted any awards but now that I have one, I am super excited and honored.
I was given the award by Angela.
I love her because she lives in a great city, deals with diversity on a daily basis, adores but humors her hot husband and has the most gorgeous boys!
Oh, and she is fa-reakin funny as hell so stop over and say "hey!"
And send her some cool breezes because it is HOT there!! (here too!)

This award is called "Premios Dardo" which roughly translates to "Top Dart". The award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day. The rules are to accept it, link back to the one who awarded you, award it to 15 others who are worthy to receive it, then let them know.
If I missed you, I am sorry, I picked the people who comment the most.
3.)Housewife Savant
6.)Wife O Riley
12.)Ryan Ashley
15.)Mel (my sister)
16.)Avon Lady


  1. Of COURSE you got an award, cuz it's funny in other people's heads too.
    Your blog is a joy.
    Congrats, and thanks for the sweet compliment!

  2. Congrats on your award! It is well deserved. And thanks for thinking of me, and for all your kind words and support.

  3. Hey, Congrats! I got an award once, then the lady that gave it to me quit following! Go figure. She still reads and comments...but I guess my blog is an embarrassment, hell it is to me too sometimes. What can I say.

  4. Sometimes my blog is an embarrassment. Heck, everyday it is!

  5. Thank you for thinking of me. I love your blog and try to get by as often as I can. Congrats on getting an award.

  6. thank you VERY much for this did lift my spirits up and I really appreciate every single time you comment on my blog and I adore your blog.. :)

  7. Congrats and a big THANKS! It's my first award!! Now, what do I do with it?! :)

  8. Aren't awards fun???? thanks so much for passing this on!!!!

    You totally deserve more bloggy awards.. you're one of my fav's!!!

  9. don'tcha love awards? and you're so good to actually accept them! thank you very much! I will do you proud!
    I've always thought that one was a pretty cool looking award.

  10. Just stoppin' by to see the acceptance! At first I thought the idea of the "awards" was corny and it cracked me up how excited I was to receive my first award. Totally changed my mind once "I" finally got one!! I do hate the passing on part though esp when it is so many. I say we limit the "pass on" quota to ONE! Wow hubs (let's not let him in on that one), gorgeous kids (I totally agree but tend to be biased!) but "fa-reakin funny as hell" was the BEST compliment! Thanks I didn't realize you felt that way!! ♥ you!!


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Awards I Have Received:
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Premios Dardo (Top Dart)
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