Thursday, June 11, 2009

I used to read a million blogs.
I am, as usual, exaggerating but it was a lot.
And each of them served a purpose for me.
Some of them showed me how to decorate on a dime. (Nester)
Others were about preppy people (I am not as preppy as I was in high school, sheesh, I invented the flipped collar that my son enjoys so much)
Not really. Don't be getting all offended person who invented flipped collar!
I read about pets, and landscaping and Jesus and great kids and mean kids and sick kids and dead or dying kids.
Then there were the funny blogs. (by the way, vote for June at Bye Bye Pie for the funniest blog, she starts my day)
I also read about all the Edward and Twilight and new Moon crap til my eyes bled. (ok, I still do)
But I did some cleaning and deleted a bunch of them.
And I freakin missed them like I miss Six Feet Under, Friends, Dead Like Me and my flat stomach, (damn pancakes)
So, they are back but on my sidebar that only I can see and I will bring back my true loves in time.
It IS summer after all and there isn't much to do.


  • pick up all the billion limbs that dropped in the yard after last nights stupid storm
  • start and finish laundry
  • mop the kitchen (pointless but necessary)
  • vacuum the entire house again (see above)
  • unload the dishwasher
  • shop for party supplies for Nicks party on Sat.
  • put more rocks around pond (Mr. is picking me up some more bags of them today, I decided against mulch)
  • keep Finn from laying on my $35 Hydrangea, I need a little fence
  • get the kids up
  • finish my coffee
  • shower
  • groceries
  • shampoo upstairs carpet (the kids' rooms are clean, I am not lying)
  • vacuum and shampoo stairs
  • clean basement bathroom and stock all bathrooms with clean towels and tp
  • drink a vodka tonic (because it is summer and I will deserve it!)
I will wait til after 5 because that is the proper way to do it but if it is 4:53, too bad.

My fish...

Some of the river rock we purchased
I put down colored river stones instead of mulch
The side of the waterfall

The back part, I need more stones
My lily
Finny and Skip
A few plants on the deck, add planting to my to do list

Patio furniture, needs help


Part of front yard, messy with leaves and limbs down


  1. I'm so glad showering still makes it on your list of things to do. Some people apparently find that to be one thing they can't find time to do. You're an inspiration.... and that's why people follow you. :)

  2. Your dog is absolutely gorgeous!
    My list of Stuff-to-do is getting ridiculously long... but I'm still in ignore mode. Hopefully not forever, because my dishes might just get up and walk out if I don't help them out soon.

  3. Don't you love the summer when things slow down!? LOL
    I think the summer just get busier.

  4. I'm flattered to be on your sidebar.

    Your yard is fab.
    I hope the party is great fun!


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