Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm up to 37.
See what guilt and begging accomplishes.
Did I tell you I went to the Gap last week for some bermudas?
Mr. Funny wanted me to get a couple of tube tops because he is a pervert and I was especially sexy(ha) in the dressing room when he came in to tell me to hurry the hell up.
They aren't like the boobie-flattening ones my mother wore when we would go to the lake as kids.
They have a ruffle at the top and one at the bottom and they are very cute.
I also got 2 pair of bermuda shorts and a brown, knee-length ruffled skirt.

We have had a helluva day with tornadoes.
One of my cooks opened the back door and the sky was black, BLACK, above us.
I had people calmly eating right next to the windows and they had zero fear so I just wrung my hands and prayed.
It blew over just in time for the next one to blow in and then the next and so on.
I got home to 4 dogs in the basement and some poo too.
Exactly what I wanted!
I did get Finn to the vet for his rabies shot and called the woman who I am buying him from only to find out her fiance dropped dead of a heart attack in the bathroom this morning.
They were an older couple who met on the internet and dated a year and were getting married in a week. They were going to get the marriage license today.
She was married 39 years, he died, she was single 10 years, met this guy, and BAM.
Death. It'll get you every time.
I told her I would mail the check and let her off the phone poor thing.
Finneus Funny is now ours. Freakin Fabulously Fantastic!
Ok, I'm done.


  1. I couldn't take the guilt. :)

  2. You wanted poo?
    So unpredictable.
    Guess that's why it's always funny in your mind.
    And why you make it funny in your blog.

    You found clothes at The Gap?
    I never.
    And your success makes me want to go there.
    And get a tube top.


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