Friday, June 26, 2009

Julia Child does not live here

Yesterday when Nick and I got to "the Walmarts" he let me know that this would be a 30 minute or less trip.
No looking at mascara, trying to find one that really works, (help) no trying to find the perfect hairspray for 460% humidity, no new tank tops (I do own every color known to man, it is a sickness really) and no new lipgloss.
I suppose I was still remembering how peaceful it was doing all of my shopping last week with zero kids and zero phone calls of "why are you taking so long" and "I need some Axe body wash and not the same kind Ash has" and "can I get on Facebook, Nick has been on long enough" and if I don't answer, Mr. Funny calls and says "are you ok?, the kids can't reach you".
So, Nick was at camp and Ash at work and Mr. was dealing with the dead ac at work and it was so quiet and I was at 4 different stores for hours and even drank a whole Passion Fruit tea and ate the ice. Devine.

Yesterday, I was sprinting through the store trying to get in and out in record time and Nick decided it would be a good idea to cook a Waltons Family breakfast today. Pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls and bananas.
With the exception of the bananas, we could have driven to the restaurant and had people cook, serve and do the dishes.
Nope. I had to cook (blah)and I did some bacon and pancakes and Mr. did the eggs and Finney walked around sniffing the air thinking it was Christmas.
And we sat down to eat. And the pancakes were ok (ours at work are to die for) and the bacon was so-so and I do not ever eat eggs so I had my coffee.
Nick was pissy.
Mr. Funny reminded him that he and I usually have our coffee and wake up completely and then shower and go to work to eat.
We do not do breakfast.
This kid is the same one who could barely wait for me to heat his bottle and when he started eating cereal, I had to sprint to the kitchen when the first squeak came from his crib so I could have his breakfast ready and waiting.
He did not play any reindeer games with the most important meal.
And when he was in a big boy bed, he would come into our room and pry my eyes open and say "I need breakfast, right now!"

Now Mr. is getting Ash a hotel room in the city for tonight as he is there for his weekend college orientation, he left at 6:30 this morning.
The dogs are sleeping with their bellies full of pancakes and eggs and bacon.
Nick is buying iTunes stuff with his birthday money.
And here I am.

I think I am getting hungry.


  1. I am very lucky that my kids are late sleepers. I can have coffee, do pilates and blog a little before the breakfast demands are being made.

  2. mine are now, they have breakfast at 2

  3. The simplest things you say just crack me up! I am giving you an award later so stop on by!

  4. Check out my AVON store online for some regular makeup items on sale and our clearance section of mascara for mascara and lipgloss. You'll find prices cheaper than Walmart alot of the time and I love that store :)
    We also have hair products for every dilemna out there as well..your son sounds like a trip


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