Saturday, June 6, 2009


Starting today, we will call the Big One Ash and the Little One Nick.
These are shortened versions of their names and if someone wants to stalk me, I have a gun and I will use it.
We got Nick an iPod Touch for his birthday. That and some cash to go toward the XBOX 360 he is saving for. With his allowance and working at the restaurant, he has almost saved the $400 for it and I am really proud. He could be using this money for movies and candy and Sonic like his bro but he is a saver.
We pay him $12 a week and he does a lot. for it. He feeds and waters the dogs and chinchilla, he empties and fills the dishwasher daily, keeps his room clean, sorts his laundry, unloads groceries and anything else I ask. He mostly doesn't argue but last night he did and I docked $2. He did a great job mopping the kitchen last night also.
I started him on chores when he was 2 and I never gave him an allowance because I felt that kids should do chores in trade for food, clothing, housing and all the extra money we give them. It teaches them to be contributing adults in the world.
I started the allowance thing a few months ago and it it working out well.

Ash had chores too but he had to be nagged so much that I usually just did them for him because it was easier.

Now he is lazy and it is like pulling teeth to get him to do a thing.
This week he will be moving back home. (if all goes well with the talk)
I have played bad cop for awhile now and he has not gotten his way at all and he is slowly realizing that all these things he has been doing have been tearing us apart and that his friends are not always there for him like his family. The ones he thought that mattered anyway.
I did have to yell and cry a little to get my point across when he said I didn't give a crap about him and I threw him away.
I reminded him that even though he has been at grandma's house, we have gone to every function he is in, and there have been a lot. Plus the huge grad party I threw that almost killed me. We have supported him endlessly but he just couldn't live in this house and continue on the path he was going down.
I read his Facebook profile daily because that is how I find things out.
This is what he wrote last night on his profile:

Ash Funny:

is slowly growing farther from the people who don't matter and growing closer to those who do...and it is a big wakeup to who really matters and who loves me and who could really care less. I love you guys, you all should know who you are!

I hope it is aimed at his family and just talking to him this week, he seems more of a changed person.
He has been looking for a job and has had no luck even in crappy jobs so I will keep my fingers crossed.

Nick really loves his new toy and has downloaded all the free apps he can for it. He even found some for my iPhone.
Since I am an electronic idiot, I can use my phone for 3 things. Calling people, looking up things on the Net and looking up the weather.
Who knew I could play the dot game, light a Zippo lighter, do a crossword, look up answers to a crossword, play numerous video games, Facebook, Twitter, use a GPS and other such goodies.
Now I do.
I am shampooing the dining room, planting some more annuals and finishing laundry, plus Nick has a party to go to, Ash has a graduation party to go to and we are all 4 going to see Land of the Lost tonite.

have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Yay! I am so happy that things are starting to come together. Ash really can grow up! We knew he had it in him.


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