Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer summer summertime, time to sit back and unwind (and maybe sweat your cabootie off)

I've said it before many times.
I love summer.
I love the heat, the flowers, the smell of fresh mowed grass and clover, the sun, having a tan, short sleeves and flip flops and cool nail polish on my toes.
I stepped out on my front porch to water my 2 potted plants and some of the flowers and it was so damn hot.
95 degrees today and humidity too. It is hard to breathe and I start sweating almost instantaneously, which I hate.
I came back in and I am enjoying a grape popsicle.
Mr. Funny and I went to town for lunch, to pick up an inhaler for Ash and to go to the credit union and pond place.
He had the top off of the Jeep and the air was hot but the sun felt good with the breezes and I wanted to drive to the lake and sit on the patio of one of the many lake restaurants and watch the boats dock and people watch while enjoying a margarita and some crab legs.
Instead, we came home so he could get ready for work and here I am again alone.
I have washed some clothes and looked at my new Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma catalogs (making a list of all the things I need) and I need to go to Walmart and pick up a few things because if Ash doesn't get his Neutrogena Wave foaming pads, he will surely die. I also need some pickles because they are a food group in this house. And we are out of Dr. Pepper and Lemonade and the day isn't complete without white cheddar Cheese Its and oreos for Ash.

Nick just called.
They made it to Tennessee but the air broke on the bus and it was 105 and miserable. All those sweaty teenaged boys (and girls) must be pretty smelly.
He had just had a nice cool shower and he said he felt like a new kid.
They were resting for a bit before their nightly activities and if I know my son, he is taking a 15 minute rest first. He informed me last night that he would not be doing any sleeping on the bus and after the air went out, I'll bet that was true for all of them.

Ash was up at 6am for his hour drive to college for Pro Day. He was going to walk around campus and get the tour and enroll and take the math placement tests.
He still hasn't decided 100% on this school though.
He still has all of his music scholarships waiting at the other school and we haven't said no to them yet.
He knows he loves music but also knows he will never make an awesome living like he can with an engineering degree. So he is torn.
He forgot to disable the alarm when he opened the door and in Night Mode it goes off immediately. At 6:30 this morning, that baby was loud. I don't think I have ever seen Mr. jump out of bed so fast to disable it (Ash was fumbling half-asleep to shut it off) on the box up in our room.
Then Ash was pissed off about something and went on and on about how nobody cares if he dies (his inhaler was lost) and how could we just sleep while he wasted away.
I don't remember sleeping after the alarm went off, so there!
All of the dogs are laying on the air vents trying to keep cool. It is comfortable to me but I am not covered in fur.

I lost another fish. A big one.
We asked the pond guy and he was stumped and I told him there will be no more $20 fish. The small ones are $5 and I might even get some from Pet Smart and see how they do. Pond man frowns on those kind but as I see it, it is my money and my pond. He just wants me to buy his.
Also, my pond still looks like tea (3 Splenda, no lemon) and that is caused by the trees and pollen but does not affect the fish.
He and his lovely wife (who loves my name, I have a very uncommon name and she pronounced it right the first time) let us know that they would "make sure to do everything possible to make my pond the best it can be."
I hope that sweet iced tea is not the best for it. I prefer water. Clear. And live fish.

I keep thinking I will start painting my trim and baseboards in the house. They are brown and I want them cream. It involves some sanding, primer and paint which I have but I am too lazy. I also need to shop vac the fireplace which I started yesterday and found something more entertaining to do. (blog)

Here are some of my Pottery Barn wishes.

I want the pool too but we have too many trees and too many leaves.
I would like this to be ice cold, and vodka added.
And the vodka lemonade needs to be next to this chair with the new issues of People and Us so I can see if Kate and Jon are divorcing.
This amazes me to no end.
It looks like something Alf would sit in.
This hangs. And costs what my pond cost.
Why didn't I get it instead?
What are your summer wishes?


  1. I wish you COULD get all those lovely things...for my visit.

    I wish I was a sweet southern bell when I'm outdoors instead of a sweating buffalo.

    I wish I lived on the OBX!

  2. Oh girlie don't sand the trim just go to wal-mart and buy liquid sand. Wipe them down with warm water to clean then wipe on the liquid sand then paint away! Much much easier and I am so glad my mom told me about it!!


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