Saturday, June 13, 2009

You've Gotta Fight, For Your Right, To Partay

I am so flippin' tired I can barely lift the Corona to my mouth.
The party was a huge success with the exception of the untimely death of our chinchilla (my sisters' dog had to be put to sleep and we lost 2 fish so it was a bad week for pets) but Nick was brave and had a blast the rest of the time playing Halo, Call of Duty, Hide and Seek (with a weird twist that I didn't get) and shoving tons of food in their mouths.
The grand finale was shoving 11 (or 13?) kids into Mr. Funny's Jeep to go look for Demon Deer.
It may have been a teensy bit illegal what with the standing up and lack of seatbelts and when the kids post the photos on Facebook, I expect some calls but I did mention "what happens at the Funny's, stays at the Funny's."
He had to cross the highway (it is slow this time of night) to get to the field and he prayed he wouldn't pass a highway patrolman or worse, one of their parents, since it was time to be picked up.
I have washed everything dirty and wiped everything and tomorrow Nick is going to a theme park for yet ANOTHER birthday party and we are meeting at 7:30 am. They have a 2 hour drive so they are leaving early.
When I get home from work tomorrow I plan to take a fat nap.

Nick made out like crazy with the gifts although they were not supposed to bring anything. He got $140 in cash, $60 in iTunes cards, and a movie pass, plus a bunch of chocolate.
I think there were between 14 and 19 kids but I lost count.
Guess he has enough for the XBox 360 and some to spare.
He is leaving for Tennessee (church camp) on Wed. for a week.
He gets to stay in a hotel all week and see the David Crowder band and some others.

This dance is called the Sprinkler (picture the sprinklers we had as kids)

This is blurry but it was funny watching them try to fit everyone in there.

Wow, they had a blast.

I think there were 13 in there.
Off they go.
Look closely at the column on your right. There is a t-shirt wrapped around it.
It was pitch dark outside. I cannot believe how well these turned out.


  1. Hooray! Huge success! All your work paid off.

    "Fat nap." Haha. You kill.

  2. looks and sounds like they had a great time!

  3. I'm working on Little One's birthday party today and thinking I have WAY over done it... Wish I could just put everyone in a Jeep and send them looking for wild animals. :)


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