Friday, July 17, 2009

After much thought and consideration, Mr. Funny and I decided to buy a new mattress.
Which sounds fairly easy but for us, nothing is ever easy.
Our mattress is 10 years old (they say you should get one every 7 years) and it is starting to contribute to the stiffness in my back and aches and pains.
I layed on Nick's new mattress and realized how uncomfortable ours had gotten.
We went to the furniture store today.
We found a mattress we loved.
Mr. Funny mentioned that a King sized bed would give us (me) more room and we have the space for it now.
I fell in love with a four poster bed in a king size, which matches our existing furniture (which is 6 years old and still looks new)
New bed is coming Saturday.

Finneus has an appointment with the dog trainer on Monday.
This woman and her husband train dogs for police use, search and rescue teams and for everyday manners.
Which Finney needs.
He is tearing up my plants, swimming in my pond, eating my bird feeders, chewing on Skips head, running like a bull in a china shop through the house, drinking water like a horse and getting the entire kitchen wet, gnawing on my kitchen chair legs, eating everyone elses dog food, barking at every kid that comes over, and generally being a puppy with bad manners.
We need help and we found it.
He is too sweet and adorable to give up on and I don't want a destructive adult dog.
So he is going to puppy boot camp.
I will be taking pictures.

The cold front they predicted is here and it is the perfect weather to open my windows and finish painting.
The highs will be in the 70's and lows in the low 50's!!
Crazy for July.
It will be great to air the house out and get some fresh air.


  1. enjoy the cool weather!! always a nice summer treat to get a taste of fall

    I feel for you and your neighbor with the new roof; got one several years ago when we lived in Montana and it was 3 incredibly long days, not helped by the fact I work at home and the constant banging of the hammers was not a pleasant sound to hear; thankfully it got done on time

    sees all neighborhoods usually have one annoying neighbor; I fear in our neighborhood we are that one

    will be excited to hear how puppy boot camp goes

    enjoy your visit with family


  2. Isn't the cold front awesome! I'm going to my daughter's today to help her make curtains. I know she'll have all of her windows open too.

    Good luck with the dog training...

  3. DeAnna- I wish I could sew! I always see the most beautiful cutains and they are so expensive! I hope you enjoy OUR weather...


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