Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Girls Don't Cry (they lose weight)

I just realized that I have 45 followers.
Not big commenters I guess because the same few people comment every time.
I love comments, I do.
So, if you want to make me smile, comment.

I am still doing well on my healthy eating.
It is a one day at a time thing.
I have to seriously think before I eat something and then force myself to walk every day.

I was a skinny kid.
I have photos to prove it.
And I was in good shape when I got pregnant the first time, swam and biked and ran and walked the entire pregnancy, gained 65 pounds (I had gestational diabetes so I lost some when I realized that I had it and had to measure and weigh everything I ate and check my blood 4 times a day)and lost every single pound in no time.
I was also in good shape when I got pregnant the second time, walked every day, ate well, and gained 65 pounds again.
I had a terrible time losing any weight that time because my stomach muscles would hurt every time I walked.
Nick only slept in one hour spurts and screamed the other 23. He projectile vomited constantly and Ash was a 4 1/2 year old Tasmanian Devil who didn't nap and didn't adjust well to be dethroned as the Prince of the World.
I have joined a gym, walked, cut out carbs, sugar and fat, starved myself (it works but man I was a cranky hungry girl)and did yoga and pilates (love pilates)
I kept that weight for years and then slowly lost it until I was sort of happy with my weight.
Over the years I have gained some each year and just bought bigger clothes and since Mr. Funny loves me no matter what, I convinced myself that they were making clothes smaller and that I didn't look that bad.
Every time I see a full body photo of myself, I cringe and crop it.
I wanted to get a really great pair of designer jeans last fall and when I tried on the largest size, well, they didn't go very high up.
Recently I went on a day trip with my husband and kids and when I saw the picture of me, I couldn't believe it was me.
Mr. Funny told me that is how I look. (not being mean, just honest)

At that moment. I decided that by the time I am 40, (in December) I will look better, feel better and eat healthier.
I have done well but it sucks.
I skip meals, I eat big portions and I eat when I am bored. I love all the things that skinny people do not allow themselves to eat.
I am going to win this and I will not join any gyms, or weight watcher groups.
I will walk, drink water, cut out the bad stuff, sleep more and eventually maybe become a runner. (I used to run and play tennis in high school)
I will use the expensive weight bench in the basement.
I will dig up my pilates dvd's and use them again.

This is my life and I am not making it any better by doing this to myself.
I will win in the end.
And I will get some awesome jeans as a gift for myself.


  1. Good for you. I am behind you 100%. I actually started up my "plan" again a couple of days ago, and today is my first test with girl's night tonight. Wish me luck.

  2. I've been a total couch potato all this year. Moving mother and Ned got me all in a dither and I ate everything that didn't run away from me. Monday is D-Day...back to work...back to the gym...back on my diet. I was a skinny kid too. My mother was a terrible cook but when I got out on my own and learned how to cook...oh well...two kids and 40 pounds we go.

  3. Good luck! I keep telling myself I'm going to start exercising and drinking water but it never seems to happen.

  4. I hate dieting! I never had a problem until I decided to get healthy in my 40's. Seriously, it's only been in the last couple of years that all the things I've done in the past don't work. If I needed to drop a couple of pounds I would just cut back on the food and Voila.
    When they say your metabolism changes in your 40's "they" weren't lying.
    Good luck with getting on some kind of program. Keep me up on the progress and maybe it will give me some motivation.

  5. Mr. Favorite and I have a thing we say to each other when we start feeling like this. I guess when I was little, Smokey the Bear made a big impression on me, because the quote "Only YOU can prevent forest fires" sticks with me still... and that's what we say to each other... meaning, that only you can make that change for yourself. (Sometimes when I try to explain things I feel like I just butcher it.) My point here is that I am excited for you because you've got what it takes to make this a change for you... and you'll be such a hottie in those jeans. :)

  6. I need to improve on taking care of myself better to. I have a diet plan from a personal trainer that I used that allows you to eat and be full. If you want to try it let me know, it works wonders if you stick to it and do cardio 3 times a week at least in some form or another. I can scan it and send it to you if you want. Not saying you need it either :) Just if you want it since you're trying.

  7. I know you can do this; you are going about it the right way with emphasizing healthy eating (something I've been doing too) and not focusing on the word "diet" which always fails me. I lose the weight and keep it off for a bit, but haven't really changed my eating habits and so it starts creeping back on. Now I'm going about it healthily and hopefully it will stay off; might take longer, but it will be worth it.

    good reward too with the jeans

    I was the same way with you; both my kids are adopted so I didn't have pregnancy weight, but my second one didn't sleep and my 3.5 year old wanted attention so I ate my way through the afternoons to stay awake. Gained 50 pounds. For 20 years I've been playing with 35-50 pounds; up and down with it. Currently about 30 pounds overweight and trying to fit back into my pants one pair at a time

    good luck!! I know you can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. You said:
    Every time I see a full body photo of myself, I cringe and crop.

    I say:
    Every time I see a full body photo of myself, I cringe and crap.

    We all got problems.

  9. I'm with you... I HAVE to do something myself... & I think it is alot of mind set... GOING TO GET HEALTHY!!! LETS DO IT!!!

  10. So here is something weird for you to put into your pipe and smoke it.

    I don't have it figured out, and I doubt if I ever will.

    There is this blogger that has been going for about three years. She is unusual and funny as hell. So she discoverers my blog from my stupid comments on her blog. She is smitten with my oddball blog and mentions in her blog that I am a MUST READ.

    Well, I nearly went into hiding, I freaked and went all black ops...I had over 800 hits in less than two days! And that was just the number of people that bothered to look at my profile, not the number that actually read my blog, so would you double or even triple that number?

    By the way, she has about 55 followers.

  11. I got your e-mail, thanks, she isn't currently blogging.

    This is just a creepy quirk of blog land. I have a lady who comments on my blog rarely...because she is rarely in port, spends her time on a schooner...I love blog world but it can be creepy.

    People read but don't comment. I tend to stop bothering to comment on blogs that I will continue to read but they never aknowledge comments. I look for an exchange of ideas. I also am finding it hard to keep up with people that post everyday and sometimes more than once a day.

    How to get people to comment? Let me know.


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