Friday, July 31, 2009


I noticed that one of my bloggy friends, Southern Belle, ran this post today so I decided to borrow it from her.

I now have 47 followers, it is your chance to ask me questions.
If I get a question from each follower, I will pass out, since a lot of you don't comment.
I am usually pretty long-winded(no!) and talk about myself enough but I was curious if you had anything you wanted to ask.
It doesn't even have to be about me, but I prefer no political questions.
Hit me with your best shot.

Oh, and here is a question for you- how did you find my blog and why do you like it?

I am getting my hair cut and highlighted today and it just doesn't take much to get me excited does it?


  1. If you could have dinner with one living celebrity who would it be? Jealous of your beauty time today!

  2. I'm here by way of your sister Mel's blog. I think I stuck around because you're funny.

    My question... hmmm...
    What's your favorite attribute/quirk/feature of Mr. Funny's?

  3. Katie- that is a hard one. I think Tom Hanks would keep the conversation interesting. Don't be jealous, I look awful, I need it so I don't scare away the customers at work.

    Kelly- thank you, I think I am funny too but only in my mind ha ha
    Mr. Funny has the best forearms, cutest butt and always smells awesome but he adores me and spoils me all the time and he will do anything for me (and he has put up with me for 20 years so he might be a little crazy)
    He does make up stupid songs and grabs me at inappropriate time in personal places which drives me nutty.

  4. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I follow because you are a Ghost Hunters fan! Just kidding, I follow because I also think your funny and you always comment back.

    I want to know what your REAL name is????

  5. I can't remember how I came across youf blog; but it had to be from a comment you left on another blog and then I noticed your screen name and checked out your blog; interesting blog names always make me want to check them out; and I think the first entry I read was your son at church camp, which I thought was really neat, so I decided to "follow" you

    my question - what kind of restaurant do you/hubby own? (not name, of course, but type of food)

    thanks :)


  6. Stacey- thank you
    I don't put my name out on the web per a request from my husband, it isn't a big deal but that was his thing.

    Corgi- I do the same, I immediately liked your name because I have a part-corgi plus you are a great commenter!
    It is good homecooking type of food, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, bacon, soups, salads sandwiches and dinner items and we serve breakfast all day. I am not kidding that I have put on weight since we bought it!

  7. LOTS ---
    I know your real name.
    Now I want to know how it's pronounced.
    And your REAL haircolor.
    Is your restaurant a chain? or your own creation?
    What's the best thing on your menu? (for when I visit)
    And most importantly; what do you like most about ME? Kidding.
    (It was FIMM, was it Funny in Yourn?)

  8. Housewife- real hair color? dark blonde but we will never go there- it was natural light blonde until 1990 when I was pregnant, it started coming in darker. When I was a kid, the doctor was surprised at how it stayed so light. I colored it myself for a few years when we were poor, then I found a hairstylist who did a great job, then went to prison for meth possession. Found a new one and we have been happy together ever since.

    It is a franchise but we run it our own way which irks the coorporate people.

    Best menu item? biscuits and gravy and we have the best pancakes anywhere.

    Best thing about you? great hair, lovely skin, cute kids, hot husband, and the fact that you can still keep your humor while barfing and falling down. And you make me laugh out loud a lot.

  9. just to clarify, I was not the one who went to prison, my hairstylist did. It was worded funny!

  10. your restaurant sounds delicious! if we are ever in your neck of the woods; we definitely would want to eat there! I like a place that serves breakfast all day!! and a place that has DELICIOUS pancakes!!!

    thanks for answering; enjoy the weekend :)


  11. I'm curious about the restaurant. Tell us more...

  12. My question...from one restaurant person to another.

    What is the most ridiculous thing a customer has 'complained' about?

    And your blog...SITS. :)

  13. Belle- Years ago, my husband worked there as a server til he got a better paying job and was fired for not showing up to work on his birthday (he asked off and didn't get it off so he did not show up)and we always ate there after church and felt like we were kind of family and my husband has always wanted his own club or bar. He was talking to the owner who was a friend of his dad's and said "hey, if you ever want to sell this place, let me know"
    Fast forward years later; he called and said he was retiring and then it took 2 years to get the big loan and all of the legalities in order. It was really awkward at first being the boss of the people we had always known and the building had many unseen and expensive problems not to mention a general manager who was promised first dibs if he ever sold it (she still works for us) And in such a small town we were in the newspaper and everyone knew who we were all of a sudden (kind of like being a celebrity but worse)because the previous owner was there for 20 years. He actually came back to cook for us because his retirement wasn't paying the bills. He is one of our strongest cooks and he fixes lots of things as well.

    Rambler- people want their money's worth and they complain about stupid things like flies (sorry, they come in the door) and if it is too cold (WE are sweating) and hot but the funniest one was the older man who said that our forks were too flat. He never went into detail when I asked, just that he couldn't cut his pancake cause it was too flat.?????????
    Oh, and the lady who was pissed because the parking lot was slippery during an ice storm. We were one of the few places open and I asked her if she had 20,000 bags of salt I could borrow. The snow plows cannot do anything about ice and the entire town was a solid sheet of ice and she was so angry.


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