Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do you people read Dooce?
I do and even if you don't like her or haven't heard of her (because maybe you live in a home without a computer, God love ya, and then you wouldn't be reading this either.)
Anyway. Go over there and read today's post.
Because it is freaking funny and a laugh is what I needed because I spent my day off yesterday hanging out with dog trainers and Amish families with 7 kids under the age of 7 and then ended up bussing tables and delivering food and drinks in flip flops because we dropped something off at the restaurant last night and they were getting slammed.
That was a run-on sentence.
Just go, read it and laugh a bit.

I will write later but I laughed myself into exhaustion now because my stupid computer was acting up yesterday and barely let me post bed pictures and then it wouldn't load any other blogs so I was out of commission and I had no iPhone service out in Amish country and then my battery died.
So, I was behind.

Thank you Marjorie Avon Lady for the fabulous gift that I received in the mail today.
It smells Yummy!!

She has another giveaway at her other blog too so hop on over for some watermelon goodies!!


  1. so glad you got your winnings from the Avon lady. I went over and read Dooce; I must live under a rock because I had not heard about her until now; but that was a funny post! I laughed about the dog/crate incident


  2. Thank you for introducing me to Dooce. Hilarious!
    My son an daughter lives in one of the Amish sections of Missouri (towards Boonville/Prairie Home) and has actually become friends with one of the families. Strange.
    I spend quite a bit of time at Top Stitch in the Barnett area, another section of Amish Missouri.
    Your restaurant sounds like quite a bustling place! Congrats on the Avon win.

  3. I know Dooce, but I don't normally read her.
    She's big.
    She doesn't need me.
    I'm cool with that.
    And she is too.

    But this post was pure hilarity.
    No WONDER she's big.
    I'm glad you shared it.

    Have fun with your fam.
    Come back safe.
    And post lots of pix.

  4. Oh my I just now saw this, I swear I haven't lost my manners. You're very welcome :) I was searching for my "awards" go claim them now..


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