Friday, July 17, 2009

Fresh Air Friday

I have got a huge basket of laundry to do and my floors need some attention plus Mr. Funny's sister is here from New Jersey with her 3 kids but I wanted to point out that it is the middle of July and I have my windows open!!!
There is a cool breeze and fresh air.

And my really annoying neighbor is getting a new roof.

And the roofers are singing (not well)
And they are pounding and scraping and making a lot of racket. (they are removing the wood shingles and adding architect shingles, like ours)
The only thing that makes me laugh a little is that they are probably annoying him more than me.
He is a cranky older man who mows his lawn at the crack of dawn (sometimes when it is cold he wears a Santa hat) at least 2 times a week.
He hates my dogs, namely Skip (who is 7 inches tall), who digs out sometimes and "growls" at him. (he says)
He rides his bike in the middle of the road and barely moves when a car comes. (I think I am going to growl out my window at him next time)

I wish it were more peaceful around here but since it isn't, I guess I will run the vacuum cleaner and do some laundry.
And then we are going to his moms see his sister.
And later, I am going to get my room ready for the new king sized bed that is coming tomorrow.
And maybe I will paint a little, since I didn't last night.


  1. Enjoy the beautiful day, even with the annoying roofers next door!

    Happy Friday!

  2. forgot to say; enjoy the new mattress!


  3. I'd love to see the old man's face when you growl at him. lol!
    I always lose Jim in King size beds! We have a queen number bed (you fill them with air type). I really like it a lot. Enjoy that new bed!

  4. Hi! I'm visiting from Angela's blog. I enjoyed this post. I have a cranky old man on my block who also likes to rule the road when he drives by. He's not on a bike, but he seems to "forget" that there are kids on the block when he zooms around. New king size bed sounds good. Hope you get a lot done today! You have a fun blog :)

  5. Stacey- I have enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks!

    Corgi- I can't wait to have more room, I am a bed hog!

    DeAnna- when my mom was sick she got one of those sleep number beds, very nice if you have an extra $4000!

    SeptMom- thanks for stopping by, and I will do the same to your blog!


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