Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am painting my bathroom cabinets.
Remember how I said that all the wood in our house is darker?
We had bright white trim in our other home (that house was almost new when we bought it) but this house was built in 87 and I hate dark wood.
I plan to paint all of it cream at some point, including doors and the stairs.
I am starting small, so last night I took off all of the doors and hinges and handles and sanded everything down (the guy at the paint place did not recommend liquid sand)
Today I am painting some Bin primer on them. The entire area around the tub is wood too.
I have to do the window frames and the door but I am doing the cabinets first.

I need to do some of it in the garage so I don't get too high on the fumes.
It is so hot in there today.
Hopefully when I write again I will be done priming.

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  1. sounds like an interesting project to undertake on a hot summer day; do make sure you have adequate ventilation :)



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