Friday, July 17, 2009

The good, the bad and the REALLY bad.

I had 3 projects for the day and I accomplished one of them so far!
I planned to dust, vacuum and clean the dining room (aka my office) from top to bottom and then shampoo the carpet.
Here is the finished product.
Baby steps.
Next up: the bedroom. Clothes to put away, and vacuuming and shampooing that carpet before the new bed arrives tomorrow.
Last is the painting.
I don't want to talk about it; I bit off more than I want to chew so I spit it to the bottom of the list.

I finished about 1:30, took a shower and headed to the furniture store to find a desk.
I want to put a very small one Mr. Funny's office so I can blog and talk to him at the same time.
He has a great plasma flat screen and we want to watch last season of Weeds that he just bought me.
I found these at Crate & Barrel:

His office furniture is the same collection as my dining room furniture because the rooms are right across from one another as you walk in the front door.
This is what his furniture looks like. Plus one more bookshelf and a file cabinet shelf thing. (this is not his office though)
The funny thing is, the dining room and office are this same color as this photo and the curtains in the dining room are the same color toile as these. This could be an after photo of the office when he gets it clean and we get new flooring.
I am almost positive the top of his desk will Never be that neat.

Ok, here is the actual office.
Very scary. And cluttered.
I do not go in there at all.
He wants to pay me to clean it.
I don't know how much money he has but what do you think it is worth?
Keep in mind that there is a lot of dust on ever surface and there are a million piles of papers to file and throw away.
Yes honey, if I clean it there will be some throwing away going on.
I am not kidding when I say it never gets dusted or cleaned.
He has tried a few times, hence the boxes on the floor, but there are so many things to do and we never seem to have the time off together (or the willpower)
So, add this to the to do list.
Or call one of those shows for me that come in and help organize.


  1. wait... so which desk did you get? did you get that cute chair? I might need one of these for my bedroom! hmmm...

    do I have to send you a commission as my personal shopper if I do? ;)

  2. I am leaning toward the top one. I can't find the chair on the website!!!

  3. Oh you are going to be in such trouble for posting the office photos. That office is beautiful - to die for. But I doubt if he can afford you to clean it. I had a boss once who filed like your hubby does ;)

  4. My house.
    Minus the gorgeous furnishings.
    And nice flooring.
    More dog hair. Cat hair too.
    Vacation stuff still everywhere.
    And crap.
    (No food in the fridge should you happen to look.)

    Yep, just like your office.


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