Wednesday, July 8, 2009

H2 Oh I Have to Pee Again

I just had to make my kids go to the county fair.
What is up with that?
Ash wanted to spend another night talking to 26,000 of his best friends on Facecrack and I told him we would give them money if he went and took his little brother.
They are gone.

Since they left, I have scrubbed all the countertops and appliances, ran vinegar through the coffeemaker, ran the dishwasher, washed 2 loads of laundry, fed the dogs, folded towels, and had 4 glasses of water.

I am drinking water these days.
I know, I am not a lover of the drink but I have all but given up on any kind of soda and sweet tea is the devil.
I know now why people who drink a lot of water lose more weight.
It is because they are too busy peeing to eat.
Tell me.
I should get myself a catheter, keeps those pesky trips to a minimum.
Especially when you are in the middle of an ass-kicking lunch rush and doing the pee-pee dance.
I bet people are wondering what I am doing in there every 15 min.
I feel ashamed, like I have to explain myself: "sorry, I am drinking water"
There is a jumbo bag of Skittles in the cabinet and I really want to strap it to my face and chow down. And chase it with an IBC rootbeer, M&M's and a handful of mayo.
Man, I am weird.
I think I have brain damage from all the water.


  1. I actually like water, but my true love is the ice-cold-in-a-can Dr. Peppers I occasionally write about... Try drinking as much as I do while being prego. I finally just set up my computer desk at the toilet.

    Not really. :)
    (Ok... the word verification is "pandish". Does that mean that it is sort of like a Panda, but not quite?)

  2. ops, I've had my night can in fact drink too much water..hard to do I think. My daughter is coming in from Chicago for repairs on the house... I have had people (two) yestrday call me about the extreame make over show, good lord,

    Back to peeing 15 years agom most of this house was collasped, I put it back together by myself. I took the door off the make shift toilet because the door opened the wrong way. I got so tired of peeing in my shoes. I removed the door and put the hinges on the other side...never got back to it, I drink tons of bottled water since our town has 88 violations..,.,next runnerup in the entire USA has 8.

    off to bed

  3. Being healthier sucks sometimes, it's not easy to be. Your skin will also thank you for all the water. Sounds like you had quite the productive day!

  4. My daughter told me a couple weeks ago when I e-mailed her "after" my nightly medication rounds.

    She said ""Mother, stay OFF the computer""

    I didn't follow her directions last night...I think I left an interesting yet somewhat disturbing post. Sorry.

  5. Water is so good for you! I got hooked on McDonald's sweet tea for a few weeks and then realized I was being totally stupid. I now make ice tea in my tea maker and dump a package of artificially sweetened lemonade mix in it. It is really good!

    Ok gotta go pee ;)

  6. Happy Saturday Sharefest!!

    That was a good post to highlight as it really made me laugh. :)

    I am going to check out your current stuff too!

  7. Stopping by to share the love...Happy Saturday Sharefest!


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