Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello again, hello

Well look who's back.
Days, I have been gone and when I finally get home on Saturday night.... no DSL.
Something about a router or whatevercrap but Mr. Funny fixed it and when I got home from work today, I spent 3 hours catching up on the blogs I read and also took a photo of this:

Our pergola.
A lovely Amish man built it for us at his home, took it apart and reassembled it at our home this morning. And he stained it too.
I absolutely love it.

Look at the detail.
We are going to plant the wisteria and some honeysuckle bushes to vine up around it and then build a deck under it so it will be a sweet party pergola.

Molly was upset with the thunder and impending rain. Could her ears lay any flatter?

My trip was fabulous.
I took Nick (and his dog) which was not my best move because he feels like he should constantly be entertained and I wanted to watch Ghost Hunters International, VH1 reality shows like The T.O. Show and My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding, and shop, eat and drink myself silly, along with nonstop chatter about what the hell Jon is thinking by dating a ho and when is Jen Aniston gonna settle down and get married. Plus we had to discuss Rob/Edward and the beauty that is him and how long do we have to wait for November????????

Is that too much to ask?

The first day we picked the 2 boys up from summer school and went to Sonic for our first Sonic Chiller. You haven't fully lived til you have mixed cherry limeade with soft serve ice cream. Then we went home and the 3 boys swam in the pool while we sweated and made our evening plans. We had Mexican food with my other 2 sisters and went to my sisters' friends (haunted) house for sangria (yuck) and margaritas. I was told about the full body apparition that was seen in the kitchen on a few occasions and 8 of us girls talked about everything and nothing.
Nick texted and called me to try to guilt me into coming home so many times that one girl put my phone in her shirt and it was over for him.
I never even got a buzz.

We went to the aquarium the next day and it was a race against nap time for the 2 year old. We did see some cool creatures and Nick was thrilled because he hadn't been there.
We also went to Old McDonalds and took a nap before our journey to Target.
I found a few summer tops and we had some girl time after my sisters hubby came to get the boys. Praise the Lord.

And I got to drive his cool new Saab station wagon.

Nick stayed home to harvest his crops (on Facebook)
We headed to the mall where we went to New York and Co. to hit the sales racks (nothing for me) Dillards for sandals (again, nada) and The Body Shop for Satsuma oil. Smells like a dream. I should have brought more money.

We took Nick and my brother to Chilis for dinner and then went home, put the kids to bed and sat outside with Sam Adams.

On Saturday we had lunch at a great little place and then went to the coolest (hippie) store where I spent too much on a top, found an adorable beaded necklace and my sister bought me this:
So cute!

Here is the front of the top....

....and here is the back. I wore a hot pink tank top with it and got so many compliments at work on Sunday.
(Isn't my hair ridiculous? It needs a cut so bad and the bags under my eyes...)
I blame the new mattress which I hate. Too firm.

I can't wait to go back but the next few weeks are insane around here.

Also while I was gone, Mr. Funny had to kill a maniacal groundhog. (it was chewing on the deck, torturing the dogs and there was no other way)
Besides, look how long I had to wait for spring. 6 weeks my ass!

Good to be back!!

BTW there are zero photos of the trip because I forgot my camera and forgot to use my sisters camera and I suck.
There were so many moments when I needed one too. Blah


  1. Glad you had a great time and got the DSL fixed!

    The pergola is beautiful.

    I like the necklace, and your hair looks fine!

  2. Stacey- thank you and and thank you and again thank you.

  3. it sounds like you had a great time enjoying the sites and the food and family!

    love your top! hair always grows. I think I'd rather a hard mattress than a fluffy one; the hard one will loosen over time

    I love the pergola and you have a huge back yard!

    welcome back!


  4. It sounds wonderful.
    Love the pergola.
    Love the branch necklace.
    Love that you're back.

  5. Love, love, love that necklace...must have it. Also, I am crazy about the pergola. Ever since we toured the Asian botanical gardens in Seattle and saw the pergola with wisteria, I have dreamed of having that in my backyard.

    Love the pic of your dog. My dog hates thunder just as much and gets a pained expression whenever it starts. Glad you're back!

  6. Love the necklace, and the tops some good finds :)

  7. corgi- I think the mattress is growing on me, you have a point and yes the yard is an acre and a half and the leaves and grass are a pain but we love the benefits!

    Kugo- the necklace came from a tiny shop in Tulsa but I saw them somewhere else, google tree necklace, they are all over the place


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