Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am going to bed soon after a long day which ended with a trip to the grocery store.
I do want to mention that I won the Haiku perfume giveaway that the Avon Lady had.
I am so excited!
I love to win things and I love perfume, so thank you Avon Lady/ Blog Friend!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week; I have 2 days of work and the hot weather is back.
I am starting to make a list of things Ash will need for college.
Long twin sheets, towels, first aid kit, snacks etc.
I know there are a few of you with college kids so could you give me some ideas on what to get and what to skip?
I would greatly appreciate a list of needed items so I can see what I am forgetting and what he really doesn't need.
Thank you and I will talk to you later.


  1. again congrats for winning! neither of my two went to college (grr) (well, they haven't gone yet, doesn't mean they won't down the line) so I'm clueless on what to send. its too bad the colleges don't come up with a list like camps do when sending kids to camp. Exciting for him; sad for you to have him leave the nest so to speak

    hope you enjoy your days off :)


  2. Ending a day at the grocery store is never a good thing.

    It has been years since my kids went to college, but I remember they had the small refrigerators (they can usually be found second hand at a reasonable rate). Colleges may not allow them in the room nowadays, though. A laundry bag is a must. All I remember for sure is they were always asking for MONEY!


  3. I worked at a college for years in residence life so I can help give you great ideas on what he should bring to school:

    Things to bring:
    towels (2-3)
    flip flops for shower
    detergent/dryer sheets
    (find out how they pay for laundry)
    laundry pop up basket(easy to carry to do laundry)
    alarm clock or cell phone with one
    cell phone plan with unlimited texting (they all text they don't call mine cost me 5.99 a month best money ever spent)
    extension cord/power strip (2 of each)
    message dry erase board (small one)
    odor eliminator things/air freshner
    laundry bag to take home laundry
    deodarant,razor, soap/shower gel
    flashlight/batteries (in case power goes out)
    for snacks/meal preparation:
    -2 plastic microwaveable plates
    -2 bowls plastic/microwaveable
    -silverware (plastic)
    -2 plastic glasses
    -microwave (find out if roommate is bringing one
    -mini refrigerator (find out if roommate is bringing one and size the dorms/ residence halls allow)
    - coffee mug
    -bean bag chair
    -rug: check garage sales/craigs list find out if room is carpeted
    -clorox wipes/pledge
    -paper towels/napkins
    -I'd skip the first aid kit every dorm has one unless he's accident prone..I'd just send bandaids and neosporin
    -sweatshirts (2 to 3)
    -2 dress shirts
    -winter stuff he can get later on if it's cold there ever
    -snack food (buy rubber maid container that seals well to keep out bugs, rodents to store it all in, stress keeping it shut tight unless he wants visitors)
    -cans of pop/soda
    if you want to email me and let me know what college he is going to I can help some more with what to bring/leave at home..check their housing/residence life page for suggestions
    -atm card: you can set limits on this
    -explain credit card debt and how signing up for free stuff to get them could make you regret it later
    -renter's insurance: in case of fire his college does not cover him losing stuff or in case of items stolen (ipods, cell phones, laptops, you name it it can disappear) for about 150 you can get this from any major insurance company..that's about a year's coverage too
    -school supplies: buy ahead of time: pencils,pens, notebooks, binders, index cards, memory stick

    Things to leave at home/not allowed by most colleges:
    candles: big no no no
    matches: big no no
    toaster over: never ever bring catch on fire fast
    halogen lamps: fire hazard
    george foremans: fire hazard
    panini maker/sandwich maker: fire hazard
    iron: unless you've seen him use one he'll never use one :)
    sweeper/vacum cleaner: he'll never use it and can borrow one from dorm
    -car: don't let him be the "friend" with a car everyone will take advantage of him..he doesn't need one at college it's too expensive and he'll make friends with people that have one (just my thoughts)

    I used to run a residence hall of 4 floors of young men and two floors of women..and then w orked for a dorm of 16 floors with 700 first year students..


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