Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Heart Scarves :)

I am not a celebrity. (might be fun for awhile)
I am not in danger of developing an eating disorder. (by far)
I do not own $300 jeans. (I would like some though)
I do not wear shoes with red bottoms. (again, I would take a pair if given to me)
I do not go to fashion week. (maybe, baby)
I do not go to Cannes. (I would if I liked to fly and it wasn't so cold and snowy)
I do not make oodles of money. (I am working on some Ponzi schemes)
I do not have a driver. (Unless you count my husband who doesn't like to ride with me driving)
I do not have an assistant. (Boy, I need one to straighten me out though)
I do not have a financial adviser. (and Bernie Madoff is busy for the next 150 years)

I enjoy wearing my SUMMER weight scarves.
The celebrities wear them and nobody but makes fun of them.

My husband asked me today if I was cold.
If it was almost winter.
If I was hiding a hickey.

No......I just like my scarf.
Any questions?


  1. Yea, I have a question...
    What's his problem?

    hee hee.

  2. Tell him it's to "clothesline" him with if he doesn't hush.

  3. I can't pull off the scarf thing. you can, so tell that man to count himself lucky he's married to a cool chick who can!


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