Friday, July 10, 2009

I must admit that eating zero sugar and drinking buckets of water has begun to reap it's benefits.
I have lost some weight (I haven't weighed myself yet but I will) I can feel it in the fit of my...

I'm gonna lose it on the top half first.
Ok, I can play this sad game.
Maybe I can get implants for a treat instead.
God knows I'm gonna need something up there.

In other news, I stole these photos from Snapfish.
They are of my sisters' graduation.
She got her Masters degree.
Sister Mel. (she has a blog)

Youngest sister J. She just got married and bought a new house.
She doesn't have a blog, or a Facebook acct.
She is starting law school in the fall.
My sister D.
She doesn't have a blog. I think she reads mine sometimes.

This is Mel and K.
She has a blog. The first one in my sidebar.
She is gonna have a baby.
I am going to try to meet her when I go visit my home state.

This is Mel.
She is excited that she finally finished her thesis and got her degree.
She is the Positive Pessimist.
She has my 2 nephews.

This is G and my 3 sisters.
They all have brown hair and brown eyes. So does my brother.
Guess who's daddy is the milkman?

Love the dress, Mel.
Can I borrow it?
I promise not to stretch the chest out in it!!
Can you share some boob with Big Sister?



  1. Aren't you sweet to dedicate almost a whole blog of me. I don't appreciate your attaching the last pic of me in the dress. I look like a hot-air balloon. Luckily, I'm funnier than I am thin.

  2. Of course! The boobs are always the first to go! Congrats to your sister for getting her masters!

  3. I always lose weight in my face and chest first too and then in my hips which are my BIGGEST assets (hips). I totally understand.

    loved the pictures of your family/friends!

    congrats to your sister on her graduation!


  4. How cool am I?! I made it on the Funny blog!!

    Mel and I are having lunch later this month. You should come, too! Not like you live in a whole other state or anything.


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