Saturday, July 4, 2009

Outside Spaces

Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Where You Live.
I haven't been on board yet but my yard has been a work in progress so I feel good showing it.
Most of the landscaping was here when we moved in a year and a half ago but we have added a little over 20 trees and shrubs and had the entire pond made over.

Here is the front of the house.
There are rose bushes and a Crepe Myrtle and some Dwarf Spruce, Boxwoods and Yews.

Here is the other side. We need to re-mulch at some point. There are Arborvitae and Boxwood along with Dwarf Spruce and Yews.
On the side of the house there are peonies that have already bloomed.

Here is the right side of the front yard facing the driveway, we have an acre and a half.
I would like to put in a circle drive.

Here is the other side.
I love how far apart the houses are in our neighborhood.

Here is one of the rose bushes in bloom.

Another view of the side yard, you can barely see the neighbors house on the left.

Onto the back yard. We had our landscaper plant this Golden Chain Tree and it smells like heaven!

Here is our Crimson Queen Japanese Maple. We hope it will eventually hang over the pond.
It looks better now but this was taken the day she planted all of our trees.
It was quite an investment, I hope it lives!

Our Asian Lilies. The dogs love to lay on my plants.

Our Grace Smoke Tree.
We love it and want to get more!!

My husband bought me this. I have used it so much.

On the bottom left is the Japanese Lilac Tree she planted. Behind it is some type of Magnolia that was here and some assorted lillies plus the barberry.

There are quite a few garden areas. This is back by the shed.
Messy area!

This is my favorite pine tree and I have a Kaleidescope Abelia and some hostas and also a Caladium.
The dogs also love to lay in here.

The view from the deck. (early spring)
I will not show the deck because it needs to be stained.

This is the pond area, again in early spring

Here is a before photo of the pond. There were holes in the liner and the pump was old and the mulch was mostly gone. The rocks were falling in and the waterfall was barely a trickle. I am sure that when the house was built in 1987, it was a lovely pond but it had been neglected by previous owners. Leaves tend to take over with all the oak trees.
The kids love the trampoline.

Here is the pond the day the pond guy remodeled it and filled it. It was widened, a new waterfall feature and pump were put in a he added more rock and pea gravel as a filler between the rocks.
Bottom left with the pink flowers is a Ghost Weigela. Top right is a Burning Bush. They are all around the right side of the pond.

We went to the rock quarry and bought some river rocks and also picked up some large rocks here and there. The mulch was replaced with Arizona river stones. They are very colorful.
This photo was taken today.

Wine and Roses and Ghost Weigela plus other assorted plants were added.

This is the back part where the skimmer is (bottom left), I need a few more bags of stones to finish it completely. There are still places I need to cover the tarp. You can remove the lid to clean the skimmer and the brushes. The skimmer was also added.

We bought these water plants and I adore the Waterlilies.
They bloom on hot sunny days.
The birds have been chewing on the leaves.
Drives me crazy!!

Waterlily this morning.

For a week or 2, my water looked like tea. All the oak trees and the stuff that fell off of them had messed up the water and some of my fish died. Now I have one large goldfish and 4 small (4 died)
I plan to get more soon.
The water is clear now. (this photo is from a few weeks ago)

We also bought a Wisteria tree which is still in a pot.
I plan to have a pergola or gazebo built so the Magnolia can vine around it.
Here is what I want.
I have a 3 car garage and only one car fits in it at this time.
That is for a whole other day........


  1. Both your home and your yard are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Lovely, lovely, LOVELY oustide spaces!!

  3. seeing pictures of your home is exactly the reason why I won't post pics of Your home is fabulous and the yard is heavenly....

  4. Your house and all of the landscaping is beautiful! I post pictures of my place so often that I know people just roll their eyes when they click on my blog lol. But hey! it is what it is.

  5. Can you come landscape our backyard,lol. Great job. We just added a pergola to our backyard in May and we love it.

  6. Love, love your house and yard. I wish our lots were more spread out like that where we live.



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